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This says it all....

Reply to Come to HANGTOWN Herlings 10/8/2018 11:17 AM

The rain ruined everything blablabla...winer. USA riders are great but only at perfecy prepped tracks....They should train more in this kind of conditions

Reply to Herlings Being Cocky? 10/8/2018 11:09 AM

He doesn't need to say this by himself but its because he wants the credits he deserves, and many argueing about who is fastest at this time. BUT he also says FMOTP 2018 and it will start all over again next year.... read what you wanna read

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Maybe he means with 'We' the european guys...france 1 italy 2 netherlands 3 Cairoli, Coldenhoff and Herlings with heat wins and no Barcia, Roczen or Tomac was in the mix. Maybe not that smart but it might be a reaction to all the big mouth talker from ... more »

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Ferrandis only battled Herlings when he was far from 100% after injurys. Ferrandis never had anything for Herlings. Dont't come with a youtube link where he had, there are plenty the opposite

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I think they are doing everything to keep Coldenhoff at RB ktm...he had to leave because of Jonass. If Jonass really goes to ice one, im sure they want to keep Glenn at RB. Maybe thats why standing is probably busy to get Anstie

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Why the hell had Coldenhoff to leave RB Ktm for...