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Just picked up this 1993 KX125 from my wife's brother. Plan is to restore it into a runner and give it to my wife's sister as a gift. Seems to have a few good things going for it, already has the hard to find PC pipe and stinger silencer. PC worked on

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How do you guys keep your parts and stuff organized mid rebuild? I usually just lay everything out on my bench so I know the order it came apart and the order it should go back together. Unfortunately, I am starting to take on multiple projects at once ... more »

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With the amount of money that some of these sprinters are going for, have you looked into a used fun mover? They are bigger overall and will get worse gas mileage, but it seems like you get a lot better bang for your buck.

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what years for the seat?

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Tom Morgan would be my first call

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Since there was no Pulp this week I went back and listened to some archives and stumbled across #299. I knew Keefer leaving DR wasn't the best situation but didn't know the full story that got explained in 299. Now that we are almost 2 years removed ... more »

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Which needle did you adjust? The needle on the slide or the needle seat valve in the bowl?

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I would say that the best guys in the world could probably tell the difference in brands of fork oil, normal folks like us probably couldn't tell the difference between brands of oil when compared back to back. Normal people probably would be able to ... more »

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Someone called the pulp show the other week saying he was really close with the family and trying to get the funds together to pay off Evan's debt to this guy so they could get the bike back for the family. Sounds like it might be a bit of a shady situation. ... more »

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I have an RM250 with Varner motor work and I run it on AvGas with no detonation issues. AvGas is around $5.25/gallon right now so not breaking the bank.

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Insurance agent here, definitely echo what others have said. Do not waste your money on collision coverage, but probably smart to have comprehensive coverage specifically to cover against theft. On the liability side of things, definitely smart to have ... more »

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I am helping my dad rebuild his 06 CRF450X and the head has a lot of time on it so I want to send it out and get a full refresh on it. Does anyone know any good shops in AZ that can help me out with this? Or should I buckle down and send it out to one ... more »

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Tony was actually sitting behind me at the race in one of the handicap sections and the genuine look of concern on his face was telling about the relationship that Mookie has been able to build with MCR, and the way that MCR is being run. Kudos to a ... more »

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He got 4th in PHX 2006, but that holeshot has turned out to be the last time a 2T has led a lap in Supercross.

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8 races are live, 9 races are delayed anywhere from 30 minutes to the next day.

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I ran that VIN through my system at work (I'm an insurance agent) and it said that that is not a valid VIN

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Not sure about the clevis, but the works connection elite perch comes in blue and works great for these bikes.

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Looks like a great build! Would you be able to show us how you relocated the CDI to the air box? I'm wanting to do the HPSD damper to my 06 RM250.