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Reply to TRANS WORLD MX IS BACK IN ACTION 2/25/2019 8:06 PM

We're in the process of doing just that now, but it's digital only for right now. swapmotolive.comINSTAGRAM | @swapmotolive Appreciate all of the support! Anton

Reply to Detroit SX - Timed Qualifying Bench Racing 2/23/2019 8:49 AM

Already dipping into the low 50s in the 250 B Free Practice. We’re in for a lot of laps on this track today, really interested to see how it holds up to three 12 minute and three 15 minute motos, not to mention practice and LCQs.

Reply to First turn at Detroit SX, massive carnage? 2/23/2019 8:03 AM

Decided to pull up 2002 Pontiac SX last night, just to watch an old race and noticed the similarities of that layout and tonight’s. Between the heat races and the main, Art and David noted that the track offered limited passing, that a lot of the qualifier

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Reply to N-Style Closed?! 2/23/2019 7:12 AM

It’s under a new ownership (Todd Ford and Ryan Pursely). They have new designs in their webstore and retained contracts with Pro Circuit and TLD KTM, so there are race team kits to purchase too. Right now they’re running a contest, 25% of all orders ... more »

Reply to Should there be a second Glendale/Phoenix SX? 2/10/2019 5:46 AM

There is no disaster, the EPA already went to PetCo, tested the soil, and said it’s fine.

Reply to Lime 2/9/2019 2:10 PM

The media had a meeting with Prater and Jendro this afternoon and outlined what happened. From their side, it was a list of things that came together at once for a nightmare scenario. Although the pH level of the soil on Saturday was thrown off by the ... more »

Reply to Malcolm Stewart On An Alta At Zaca Station 2/7/2019 12:55 PM

Sorry, flew to Minneapolis this morning and was offline. As far as the rider, a lot of people guessed correctly off the gear/helmet/goggles/riding style. Yeah, it’s Hodges. For the second topic of what could come next, that’s still uncertain but we have ... more »

Reply to Malcolm Stewart On An Alta At Zaca Station 2/6/2019 7:54 PM

This guy gets it. We have some more stuff brewing right now and this weekend, so this is far from the end for us in any capacity. It was hard to hear that a near-twenty year title and my ten years with it were "paused" but something will come together ... more »

Reply to Lime 2/4/2019 5:17 PM

Here's one rider's account of what it feels like, what it destroyed on the bike, and what he has to do as a result. Sounds like we should all expect more of a response from the sport through this week. ... more »

Reply to Roczen's A1 Main event Visor 1/8/2019 11:33 AM

Looks like it is a prototype or special visor for rain, because the bill seems longer than a normal V3, so it's like the tapped on goggle lens but much more trick. Bell does something similar with vacuum formed extensions that go over the top of the ... more »

Reply to What I Want From MX/SX Media 11/28/2018 6:01 PM

EDIT: not worth going into the deep-end on this.

Reply to Pulpmx Show Archive w Osborne, McAdoo, Ulrich, Anton & ML512 In-Studio is up 11/22/2018 9:04 AM

I appreciate your input and the conversation we've got going, glad this isn't some full-blown argument and thanks for not tossing insults at me. I'll try to further explain where I'm coming from and if you agree or not, it's fine either way. In the phone ... more »

Reply to Pulpmx Show Archive w Osborne, McAdoo, Ulrich, Anton & ML512 In-Studio is up 11/22/2018 6:42 AM

I think you guys missed the point of what I was ultimately leading up to. The topic was not to only use social media for the production of content, it was to use social media as a way to get the content we're already making in front of new eyes and to ... more »