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As much as we love the vibe of crammed hillsides and all that goes with the MXON, InFront wants to make the event easy for anyone to come and watch. Assen was the trial run.

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There is no expectation for full capacity crowds next year, they made that clear on the phone call we had with them yesterday. The Monster Jam events they had at AT&T Stadium over the weekend were capped at 17k each and it’ll probably be the same ... more »

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Sounds like cities-counties and their health departments have the final say in some cases for events, so even if a state is “open,” the local officials could say it’s closed. That seems to be the case in STL, because the city technically owns the dome. ... more »

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Racing Optics is the company that has the patent to the laminate process, they do everything from MX and auto racing tearoffs to military-grade window coverings. They're based in Las Vegas, right next to the air force base and motor speedway. ... more »
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Inspired living, indeed.

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Discussed the season more with Eli. Apologies for the air hose, that's the preferred tool at that time of day. 15:55

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He was back and forth between his motorhome and the team rig a few times after Spring Creek while I waited for AC. We talked after RedBud Two, he was upfront and stated that he’s not getting starts and isn’t running a pace that’s faster than anyone else. ... more »

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Not hating, but you understand that would completely change the entire model of the sport? How is an amateur prodigy going to balance training the same as a full-time mid-20s pro athlete, while pursuing higher education? And pay for both?

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Cool to see people enjoying the format, it was something our crew came up with a few months ago. Just bench racing like everyone else.

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Very glad that you asked that, I've had the same questions since moving back here last October. Lincoln Trail is the spot in Southern IL and that's the place everyone knows about, from Marion it's almost two hours. Archview is another really good option, ... more »

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Was a trip to drive by that spot of property every time I went from my apartment to the old TWMX office or the Target at the top of the hill, always drove down Lionshead Ave, the place was long gone by the time I moved there in 2011. There are a couple ... more »

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They only showed the footage from the camera by the handlebars pointing at Rossi one time during the broadcast. He calmly looked to his right, checked up, avoided the unthinkable, and then got back on the gas. Reading his press statement almost made ... more »

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Thanks for posting that, Mav. Tony has LL down to a science, knows how the track will shape up based on the race order, watches start after start, and so on. It's cool to see him completely in his element haha.

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Answer has done that for years, it's the Akron line.

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This is one of those times when SX-MX being small will play into our favor. A lot of really good car racing has been happening in front of crowds for months and there's been little to no public outcry or criticism, and let's be honest, we're not much ... more »

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If you want to hear about all of this from Benny...

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Okay, point-counterpoint. I totally understand what some of you are saying, and agree to an extent, but there are a couple things to discuss. I signed up for Twitter long before I had a full-time MX career. That people started to follow it now because ... more »

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I’m going to check out Oak & Harrow in Edgefield. Not a National track, just a new property that’s being built up with the help of a title sponsor.