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Marchbanks has another confirmed year on his contract, he’s back in 2020.

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No offense to Jalek, he has probably dreamed of winning that award for years and pulled through to win a title when he was hurting. Respect. He has a great future with plenty of support behind him. But it’s the Nicky Hayden Award. Jett did what Nicky ... more »

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Check your messages, I know a guy that would be good for it.

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Jett turns 16 early next week, and per a talk with GEICO Honda at Washougal, the plan was to put him on the gate at Unadilla on his AMSOIL Honda bike so that he can make use of the A Class rule and race with his brother (Hunter is hopeful to be back ... more »

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Marc and his brother Alex love moto, they both come to Supercross races when MotoGP is in the US. I got to spend a few minutes interviewing him at the round in Austin a few years ago through Red Bull, as soon as I said that we were only going to talk ... more »

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This has been in the works for a while. A few weeks back in MotoGP there was an issue with certain brands passing the test. Because Soumy and KYT didn't pass the test, Dovizioso, Petrucci, and Espargaro had to use helmets from competitor companies that ... more »

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This weekend's Evel Live 2 was setting up to be a big event and it sucks to see Axell's crash take some of the excitement away, everyone I talked to said he was on the mark in every test run leading up to it. He'll be back in no time and hopefully gets ... more »

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The most critical thing that no one seems to have addressed is that IVs are a prohibited method under the WADA code, which is what USADA follows. As long as professional motocross racing works with an anti-doping agency that adheres to the WADA code, ... more »

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Don't be surprised if he's back at Southwick. He told me that he wanted to race this weekend in Florida but the team wanted to wait one more week.

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This is not a thing Giuseppe is in control of, he is only a promoter. The person that is over the Motocross division of the FIM is Antonio Alia Portela, he is the director. At the time of Christian’s test, Tony Skillington was in charge. Skillington ... more »

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Talked to her and her dad for a write-up that'll be on Swapmoto Live later this week. There are a lot of misconceptions about Jordan. She doesn't want special treatment, just wants to be raced like anyone else on the track, hence the very quiet decision ... more »

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That’s not the interview this was discussed in; Hunter talked about it in a podcast we posted yesterday. I’ll add the link below... And yeah it was good to hear from a rider that has raced in both series say how it develops and the way the lines form ... more »

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There are few people in the sport that are as passionate and willing to work as hard as Eric. Glad that something came together and that it's back in his control.

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Donn posted the full video up on our YouTube, link is below. Also, the reason MX is a much more severe penalty compared to the NBA/MLB is that the stick and ball sports run their own in-house designed rulebooks and testing process, while we are completely ... more »

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JBone and I discussed the decision to lay off five staff members and three riders on Friday. It's clear that he and Coy delayed it as much as they could, but with a long summer ahead and no new money in the bank, it had to be done. The team will be on ... more »

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Hey everyone, Apologies if this is breaking protocol, GuyB, but last night I rang up Austin Forkner for a pre-surgery interview that I think some here might be interested in seeing. We discussed the full extent of everything that happened, from the Nashville ... more »

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Two different interviews actually; the quote that started the conversation is one from an article Weege wrote, this video is one I shot on Saturday. I didn't know that Jason had done anything with him lately, so they are unrelated. Thanks for posting ... more »

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Another thing to note if you're going this weekend: the entire race schedule has been shifted one hour earlier. Doors to the stadium open at 11 AM, opening ceremonies start at 5 PM, and the first gate drop will be at 5:30 PM. This will keep the race ... more »

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Team said this weekend that it’s just two guys confirmed at this point, Hill on the 450 and Martin on the 250. Reed had expressed an interest at doing some of his favorite Nationals, but nothing was set and that’s likely off the table now. As for the ... more »