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LAME That and GNCC were gonna be my fix for the weekend.

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If you're driving to this race, go home. No point in wasting your time or money, you're not getting in.

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Apparently the mood in the paddock is not pleased with race direction, many are voicing concerns that it’s unwise to continue on with hundreds of thousands coming into one place. Hamilton was most vocal during a media scrum. Now talk is that F1 staff ... more »

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Will be surprised if F1 goes off in Melbourne this weekend. Three crew members from different teams have already been tested and put into quarantine.

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Talked to Feld this morning, Indianapolis and all races except Seattle are still set to happen as normal with no changes to pit access or fan attendance. For now, it's another day at the races. But, seriously, all of this can change at any time.

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Yeah, it's Kyle's bike that they put plastics-graphics on. So props to RC for sending it on a borrowed bike that's completely different to his normal setup haha

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It’s nothing more than exactly what Matthes said last night: someone didn’t want his group to test his bike for past reasons and they reached out to Donn because he’s close to the team. Donn doesn’t listen to pulp the same way Matthes doesn’t look at ... more »

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We talked about coming to the States back in November and he said he would love to race Supercross, that's still the dream for many, but getting established as a front runner in MXGP is his focus now. He could be a big surprise by the end of the season. ... more »

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Without pinning blame to any one person or party, we really have to look at this situation as a way to make changes in the sport. It's time to think about how are we going to come together for Brain in the same way we have so many others, and what can ... more »

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Talked to the team this morning, said he felt some whiplash from the heat race that started to feel worse between the end of that race and the start of the Main Event. Didn’t seem like they are overly alarmed, so Arlington should be fine.

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This could be Yarrive's way to turn Clout into a full-time Supercross racer, like Brayton, and field him in the US and Australia SX each season.

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He's going very, very good at the practice track right now. On Showa suspension for 2020, first time using it with the Honda team. Confirmed for 250 East Coast. He offered to race West Coast when GEICO Honda was sorting out their roster-coast lineups, ... more »

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Thanks for posting that, MAV. Apparently I was the first person that told Webb about the rumor he tested positive from last month.

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The little details and storylines of this sport are what I love so much. You've got a small, unique piece of history that doesn't deserve a price tag.

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Have to keep in mind it’s still a week out, lots of entries should come in from Monday to Friday. Baggett, Bogle, and a few other usual names are still missing, even though you know that they will be there. When you read that section of the AMA site ... more »

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That's the plan. Eased back into riding a few weeks ago, has been on the Supercross track in California, said his aim is to be healthy for the opening round. Impressive turnaround time for the injury he had and all that came with it (ketamine to reset ... more »

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Jordan is a sharp kid. Said he nearly stopped altogether, but the time away allowed him to make some good connections outside of Moto, and that we will see some of that with the TiLube team next year. ... more »

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You could stay at the Westin by the baseball stadium, a few exits further out in Missouri near Clayton-Brentwood, or the Illinois side in Collinsville, Edwardsville or Shiloh. Illinois is much more suburban and a short drive away depending where you ... more »

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Asked Martin about this directly last night, here is his answer. Right as you started putting in good performances and won races Friday night, Red Bull KTM announced that Marvin is out for the full Supercross season. Can you say anything like if you ... more »

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