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agreed. we've lived in asheville for 10 years, moving here from orange county CA cost of living has gotten nuts here, no way we would have transferred here at current time. there is zero moto in western NC. all tracks are about 1.5+ hrs from us. lotta ... more »

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syntax/commas are important. it's a full print (meaning all the rug) of a 3d track image...

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i have P3 carbon plates currently on husky fc350, tc65 and tc50. nothing but good things to say about product and customer service.

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pants were gone within an hour. jerseys still there.

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skid steer. and one with tracks instead of wheels.

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350. otherwise, CR500

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looks good. also, doesn't look very waterproof...

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hold on guys. are you telling me this was planned?

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it looks like they sent you the wrong pants. spread them out and make sure the design matches supertech, first. there's no way the match should be that off.

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but if you remove that, you forfeit wild mode.

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dont believe most of the 50 horror stories you hear. its for some reason a bizarre rite of passage for mini dads to complain about them. my conclusion is it's either their first forray into mini's, or into bikes general. the illogical mechanical scenarios ... more »

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i have a handful of old race gear hill 28 tedesco 32 reed 32

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1) i think they look good. i preferred the last few years, but I still like the new design 2) at the same time, I think its a terrible move for brand recognition. depending on what angle you are looking at it from, the casual viewer will likely think ... more »

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jerseys are sold out. pants have 2 sizes left...

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these turned out super nice. great work, blake! (and forgive the dirty bike, had to do a quick wash in the dark. my ocd is enraged lol)

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this. honestly, i feel like its some kind of mini dad right of passage to complain about clutches/stators. reality is all bikes are maintenance, and there are trades. you'll get more life out of brakes/tires/etc on these than a bigger bike. keep filters ... more »

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a ton of the super small online only shops like that are just someone running it out of the back of an existing business. that's my guess with them. I've ordered from PW only in the past, I wouldn't say they are scammers , but rather just not well run ... more »

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i have a friend that does expoxy installs. spend the extra money on the pro grade kits. the big cost on a diy epoxy is your time, not a huge difference between consumer/pro materials. also, like any coating, surface prep is 90% of end results/longivity. ... more »