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Hell yeah man! This is way too cool.

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I wouldn't ride without them! They are definitely worth it.

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Back in 2016 I wasn't really a fan of him. However as the years passed, I came to appreciate him. Today he showed what a legend he really is, glad I got to see him racing again.

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Little off topic, can you share the GoPro settings? That video is nice.

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How do you map the bike? Do you need something like a power tuner? Or is it like the Yamaha app? And how much engine braking can you get rid of? That's the most important to me

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If this is not the motocross dream, then I don't know what could be

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I went from a 450 to a 250 2 stroke, and I can do a whole lot more laps on my YZ than I could on my old 2012 KX450F. Only when I got to ride every weekend I was close to enjoying the 450. No matter how much you train off the bike, the only way to truly ... more »

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How much engine braking do new 450's have? I made the switch from a 2012 KXF 450 to a YZ 250 and the biggest (positive) change was the lack of engine braking. I really hated engine braking. How outdated my experience is when it comes to 450's?

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Appreciate the replies guys. Although it is a known issue among YZ's, my bike has only 27 hs and I bought it brand new in 2018. This was quite a bummer. As fas as oil goes, I use Motul 7100, which is (this is pure personal opinion) better than the semi-synthetic ... more »

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Hi guys, I have a YZ 250 and this is what happened to 3rd gear. My question is how can this happen, given the fact that gears are always engaged on a constant mesh gearbox, and if possible how to prevent it. Although I always use the clutch to upshift

... more »

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"Tomorrow an asteroid may take us all by surprise, be (and do what makes you) happy right now" It applies to moto and everything pretty much. Whenever I'm having a bad day I meditate on this, and stop wasting the rest of my day crying, whining or just ... more »

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That was the funniest stuff I've read in a while

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Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone has the same problem lol. In the last few year I have been losing a bit of hair and it started going thinner ever since. Any suggestions? I do have hair, but it is not as thick as it once was. I have a pretty healthy ... more »

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RV makes an appearance in Chasing The Storm 2 (Twitch's film). Quoting Twitch's comment about RV: 'Dude's f*cking gnarly'. The movie is available on vimeo.

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2021 YZ250 2 Stroke
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If money was no object I would buy one. And probably show up at the track with it, it is one hell of a race bike (although a rally one).

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Hi guys, me and a couple of friends are thinking of building a private track. We have access to 2.5 acres so it will be kind of small. The problem is we do not have access to a watering truck, and a sprinkler system is pretty expensive. My question is, ... more »

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Let's hope someone like R-Tech offers the 2022 restyle kit for older models, being the new bodywork and tank (just like the actual kit, but with the 2022 style) and adding a new (flatter) style seat that mounts to the old mounting points. It wouldn't ... more »

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Travis raced (well this was actually from the previous days when he was testing) the 2018 MXON with his knee looking like this.... damn.