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I only ride in motocross tracks, but since I was a kid, I loved the look of this bike.

Also, love the aluminum framed YZ's, especially the 125 with the previous gen plastics. ... more »
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250sx vs 250sxf would be a good shootout

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250 2 stroke vs 350 4 stroke. If they won't let us have equal displacement, then let's see how close these 2 are.

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Any from E.T really. "Everybody wants to be a beast, until it is time to do what real beasts do"
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Well it depens on how many hours it has. But bushings wear out pretty quickly, I wouldn´t use them any longer than 30-35 hours. I personally change seals when they get leaky or at around 60 hours

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The bike that Suzuki should build. Can´t wait to see some updates

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Am I the only one who thinks you should use your clutch to shift gears? When I go to any track everyone admits (proudly) that they never use the clutch to up-shift. Then they get mad when theirs transmission is screwed. Not saying it is your case, but ... more »

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Radiator braces, skid plate, grips, oiled air filter, fluids level check and greasing every bearing.

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It came out so nice!

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I agree 100%. I can´t explain it, but the cool factor of a 2 stroke tearing up the track is off the charts.

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Wonder what shock is he running. It looks like a BFRC, although I don´t think it is

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For me this is what I think about when I think about what a motocross bike should be like.

Also, this kit on an RM with gold rims is just as good.
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Could have been worse. He could have told you: "If you have never ridden a 250 2 stroke take it easy, this isn´t for beginers"

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Hi guys, I am interested in buying a set of Fastway air footpegs for a Yamaha YZ 250 and wonder what can you do to make them fit in the low position, I know that it hits the footpeg bracket mounting bolt, but has anyone find a way to do that?

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0:48, is that a grip donut on the Honda? That´s a mayor mod, I agree with Mr.Info, you are deceiving us ML512.

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He's a holeshot contender for sure

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I really miss Speed and Style, Head to Head, Rallycross and the coolness of the whole event. Watching best whip with and empty stadium makes me feel like "How can this be possible?"

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As to the obnoxious fans... I sure hope this isn't a trend...I would hate to see our sport turned into what Soccer is. Same goes for the losers who flip off Marvin/Dylan because they are french....they are an embarrassment to all Americans.

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Thanks guys. I am not selling my YZ to get the KTM, I am looking for trading my old KXF 450 for it. As I have mentioned in another topic, I don't really like riding 450s. So does it really vibrates more? I have once sit on a 2002 CR 250, and the vibration ... more »

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Hi guys, I would like to know how good is this bike. I ride a YZ 250 and love it, so I want to know if the KTM is better/worse or maybe the same. I have read that they vibrate a lot, how is it compared to the Yamaha? Any problems with the spokes or sprocket ... more »

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