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Here's my '69 Chevy C-20 that I fixed up with my dad in high school, it was my daily driver from '07-'09. Basic farm truck it's whole life, 292 L6, 4-speed (granny low first). Still have it, but it hasn't been driven in years.
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Heat and penetrating oil should help, and so will the impact if it doesn't round out the allen head and spin. Do you have a welder, or a buddy with a welder? You could weld a nut to the head of the bolt, just a few tacks from the inside of the nut to ... more »

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I have some of their T-handles with the blue spinner handle. On the 1/4" drive one the detent ball is very weak so it doesn't hold the socket well, most of the time the socket pulls off of the T-handle when I'm coming off of a bolt. I got a 3/8" drive ... more »

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This. My girlfriend has been a T-11 complete paraplegic for the better part of the more than three years we have been together. I've witnessed her ups and downs since the day she went over the bars on her mountain bike. It's a lot of complicated emotions ... more »

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I grew up riding and racing for fun with my dad, but it was always off-and-on. Dad and I would ride and race cross-country, then get tired of the cost/driving/maintenance/heat, and we would switch to mountain bikes for a while. Then we would get the ... more »

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30 miles each way, usually 35-45 minutes. It's rough. I enjoy driving, and have a new-to-me fun daily driver, but it's pretty tough to find any enjoyment on DFW highways during rush hour.

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Surging idle is usually a lean condition, my money would be on an air leak somewhere causing an intermittent lean condition (causing the RPM to rise). I can't imagine a plug or electrical issue causing your symptoms. Just a wild guess here, would having ... more »

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I was able to swap the old hardware from my '02 airbox onto the '15-'16 airbox, with the exception of the M6 bolts that fasten the airbox to the subframe (under the seat, towards the tank). The '02 bolts had a collar that wouldn't fit the new airbox. ... more »

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Here's my converted '02. Fit and finish were perfect (except for my old tweaked radiators), and I had to drill holes for the '15 front fender.

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Those match the '06 YZ fork guards I have on my bike.

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I'll vote for a YZ. I bought this '02 a year and a half ago and did a quickie rebuild to make it rideable and presentable. Since then I have slowly acquired nice parts when I have some extra cash. YZs are easy, so many parts out there with a lot of interchangeability

... more »
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A few basics to get started, without getting into suspension or engine work: - 1/4" and 3/8" drive torque wrenches - JIS screwdrivers (Vessel Megadora) - Safety wire pliers - Tire irons/spoons - Circlip pliers - Sprocket Stuff tool (depending on your ... more »

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Mitch, thanks for taking the time answer some of our questions. I'm sure you don't have a lot of down time between running your business and team, but when you do have down time how do you like to spend it? What are your interests or hobbies outside ... more »

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Another happy Sprocket Stuff tool owner here.

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*shudder* Start with that front brake line routing!

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I checked tonight, my store doesn't have the Dungey box yet but I'll get a box when they do! Super pumped.

Updated bike check Andrew337's Yamaha 1/12/2016 3:02 PM
Andrew337's Yamaha
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You sound qualified, but I'm gonna say you're about half a decade late on this one.

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Sad to know Matthes said that it happened six months ago as if Mika's suffering is said and done. It's not in the past. It's happening now. Mika continues to suffer in a world where you are trapped inside your own body. I'm a fan of Keefer and Matthes, ... more »