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+1 for rebuilding your OEM crank. Andrew Cooksey does great work. He has rebuilt several cranks for me over the years and let me watch him work. Top notch service and quality! Two-stroke KTMs are his bread-and-butter, I don't think he works on anything ... more »

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+1 for the flywheel weight!

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Wow, my dad had that on VHS and I remember digging it out and watching it every now and then as a little kid. That and an old VHS of the Blackwater 100. Cool find!

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I sure enjoyed his Instagram posts. He could really throw that bike sideways.
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Got an email from Mika metals today... 40% off and free shipping. Code is "xmas", good through 12/21.

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I've been using a set of Mika 7/8" bars for about a year now and I've been very happy with them. They're a bargain if you wait for their sales (most major holidays).

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I'll have to dig around when I'm home next week. I'm pretty sure I still have the CDI box, carburetor, frame, forks, shock. The bike had cracked cases, then the crankshaft broke (common on the 200SX), and the transmission was shot... so it's been sitting ... more »

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I sure do miss my '03 200SX. Had two of them! One of them had a lot of gremlins, the other was stone reliable. I still have some parts floating around if someone is looking to build one.

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A good friend of mine has a bad wrist, he rides a 250 two-stroke. He is very particular about suspension set up, and he won't go without his Flexx bars. I don't think the engine size matters as much as getting your suspension and ergonomics comfortable ... more »

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The appropriate number of bikes to own is n+1, where n is the number of bikes you currently own. I say go for it, you will love riding the 125.

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I would try new rim locks. Also, double check that the rim lock is still tight after your first ride with a freshly mounted tire, as the bead may not have been fully seated and will settle into the rim a little better in the first few laps. This happened ... more »

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Thanks for the update. I saw the IG post this morning, hoping for the best!

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Note the re-purposed Bel Ray H1R bottle mounted to the number plate, that PR2 105 needed just a little more fuel to finish the cross-country races! Yeah, I almost went down in that second photo! ... more »
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I grew up just north of DFW (Denton) and now live right in the heart of DFW. There is year-round off-road racing in the area, and a handful of very nice MX tracks that have series and races regularly.If you are in to mountain biking, the area has a very ... more »

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I agree with sleeve1, I would expect the frame to be 4130 chromoly tubing and I would TIG weld it with ER70S-2 filler rod. To fabricate the tabs you can use 4130 sheet or just cold-rolled 1008 mild steel. You can order small pieces of 4130 from Aircraft ... more »

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Looks great!

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I haven't ridden any aluminum frame bikes for any length of time, I rode KTMs before the YZ, so unfortunately I can't help you out there. But it sounds like you got a good deal on those forks!

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I'll jump into this discussion a little bit with my findings. I consider myself a C class motocross rider, B class off-road, around 165lb without gear, and just recently have started trying to focus on suspension. I rode the bike for about a year with ... more »

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I've been fortunate to never have needed to make that call (or have anyone make it for me), but I've been on the receiving end. My girlfriend went mountain biking by herself, I got a call from her phone and it was a fireman calling from the ambulance ... more »

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These are pretty handy for cleaning up at the track.