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Herlings would rather die than get beat by Cairoli, fucking love it.

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This. Jesus christ unreal when he is on, untouchable.

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Eli Tomac and his beloved big wall he seems to find every time it matters.

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Seriously what the hell is Paul Malins problem with Herlings, every god damn chance he gets he rushes to crap on Herlings in one way or another.

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Haha you say Baggett is dangerous with confidence, I bet he hopes Tomac doesen´t get his confidence back. "El chupacabra" will be in for the biggest ass whopping of his life. Not saying it will happen, only if.

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Haha kind of funny, same thing over again. Blake went 6-8 for 6th overall at Hangtown, Tomac toasted his ass. Blake went 8-2 at Glen helen for 3rd overall. We saw some out of this world speed from Tomac in SX this year, and while we can all agree that

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May I ask you what kind of graphics you got? Did you specify that you had cycra shrouds or did you order like it was original? From what I've seen it looks like the split might be the only diffrence on the shrouds, shouldn't bee to big of a problem I ... more »

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Good fu*king job Osborne god damn sandbagger

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Correct. It was called "The Rasmus Jørgensen story" and was all over the internet when it came out, for some reason it's private on Vimeo at the moment. The artictle from RacerX is still here and you can find the trailer on Youtube. Killer video for ... more »

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Thank you ML. Was "hoping" anyone wouldn't mention that video, does not really show anything more than him being in riding gear and going in some ruts

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Everyone who has followed AC on Instagram knows that he posts alot of riding videos, but after Charlotte MXGP when he hit the deck, i've seen slim to none riding vids. Alot of gym work, and being at the track, riding not so much? Anyone got anything?

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