I have a private track, and this is super scary stuff!

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I seem to remember someone from Red Bull giving him or letting him use a Bentley to try and lure him over.

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I do product development and 3D printing and 3D scanning for a living. Great write up BTW. I get at least one call a week that asks if I can 3D scan something and then give them a full 3D parametric CAD model in about an hour. When I tell them an average ... more »

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What drones did they use that go that fast and follow that good?

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KTM Facebook live is officially announcing it.

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I've seen WAY worse passes, and no fines.

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I was watching the live Facebook feed when he said that, and woke my girlfriend up from laughing so hard.

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Art Ekman "Give me some Vaseline, I'm coming through"

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I wish it was more behind the scenes like it was when Troy Adamintis(sp?) did it. I like James Sr. being mic'd up, but I wish it showed more behind the scenes and less racing action that we've already seen.

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Another issue I have is now there are too many classes especially in the mini bikes, ages, mods, cc's, etc. When I first started racing, I usually was done with both motos by about 1pm and then could go do something else, now it seems it takes 10-12 ... more »

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I have my own private track and went through this, everyone is correct, anyone can sue you at anytime for any reason, it doesn't matter what paper they sign(if you are in the US). Technically there are some benefits to making it a "club", but it still ... more »

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Someone over on Facebook is saying he's banned for the rest of the season. I don't believe that, but is him being disqualified for the night the only punishment he's going to get?

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Is he riding Supercross this year?

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So the best thing to do is find an up and coming rider and offer to wrench for them and hopefully they make it and take you with them. Another option is to find a privateer and offer to help them for free at the races, and start networking and working ... more »

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I deal with patents quite a bit, there are a lot of ways to get around patents. I haven't looked at Leatt's patent, but depending on the claims the USPTO gave them at the end of the patent process, is what they are protected from someone using. Has Leatt ... more »

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So I tried to start my own track, I went and talked to another track owner, when I told him what I wanted to do he said "Do you know the fastest way to make a million dollars running a motocross track?" I said "No" but I really wanted to know so I could ... more »

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One of the reasons for the rule is for it to be fair for privateers that can only afford to have one race bike there.

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I looked when I posted this and didn't see another post about it, but someone else already posted it, I don't see how to delete this one.