Added reply in a thread So, will the Leap be doable this year? 6/28/2022 1:57 PM

I think he said he isn't making enough money to race Redbud this year, or something.

Added reply in a thread Red Bud beer options 6/27/2022 11:24 AM

I'm guessing twisted tea will be everywhere as well.

Added reply in a thread Why Do You Ride The Brand Of Bike You Do? 6/25/2022 6:59 AM

I'm a Honda guy but was in the market for a new 125 this year. With the YZ being updated and the fact that I don't race, it was a pretty easy decision to go BluCru. If money was no factor I'd have inquired on a TM, I like being different and those remind ... more »

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I think Dungey is close enough in speed to Sexton and Anderson now that I'd rather have his consistency and racecraft. Also, I still have vivid memories of the current-gen Kawi shitting itself at Redbud in 2018.

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I keep hearing that there's a tentative schedule for 2022, where can I find it?

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Tomac, Dungey, and Sexton on a 250 wouldn't lose.

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So what's the limit? Is the next E bike going to have 100+ HP?

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Looking forward to seeing the YZ out at Redbud, and shame to hear about losing the race motor!

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I hear that. Just paid $6.66/gal for the E10 in my car today.

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I'm not sure about the replays. I watched each race live with links that MavTV posted on their website.

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My 1989 CR250 has an OEM 18 inch rear wheel. I don't mind it at all.

Added reply in a thread MavTV Plus - Its Over 6/13/2022 1:23 PM

Well I guess I got lucky, the website was so screwed up on the morning of the Pala opener it couldn't take my money. Been watching the free links posted on their website since.

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The NBC moto is also live on national TV in Canada, FYI.

Added reply in a thread Healthy Roczen wins the title 6/9/2022 10:05 AM

Where are all the haters on Dungey? I've seen nothing but respect since he announced his comeback. And he didn't exactly have haters back in 2016, either.

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Why go longer than a year without changing it? It's easy and a bottle of coolant isn't very expensive.

Added reply in a thread MavTV PLus was excellent 6/6/2022 8:37 PM

In 2014 the stream worked great for all four motos live and without commercials. The first motos were free and streamed on the pro motocross website. In 2007 you could reliably stream the x games. It's 2022, how is this stuff still a problem?

Added reply in a thread MAVTV: Hangtown National Free This Weekend 6/2/2022 3:52 PM

Yeah, I know what I'm expecting again. It's telling that they didn't make mention of "commercial-free" in the notification above, that was probably the main complaint.

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I have a 78 390CR needing a restore also. Going to be my winter project I think.

Added reply in a thread JS7 is drinking the RD5 coffee, calling Dungey for the title 6/1/2022 8:33 AM

I'm curious to see how he does once the series goes East and he's a couple races in. I think he'll need to find one more tick of speed to where he can beat Christian Craig though, and I do believe we'll see it soon.

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Any and all input is helpful. I received the JD jetting kit today and it suggests the same specs that FGR01 posted above, so I'm going to try those out. I rode the bike last weekend with the 72 pilot in hot temperatures and it was rich off idle for sure. ... more »