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Rode bike. Pulled up to coned off main entrance 5 minutes before start of 250 Moto 1. Asked where bike parking was. Told to pull right in. Got to gate house, few cars/trucks in line to pay $20 parking. Got waved around, no $20 charge. Parked 200' from

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Not sure how to type this up, as it's fucking surreal, but found out today that we lost TWO absolute pillars of the New England motorcycle scene this weekend. Pete Collins, Pete24 here on Vital, passed away racing at NHMX this weekend. Pete was also the owner of

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The red flag at the finish line is irrelevant, the proper flag was shown at the incident because medic's WERE on the track. All they need to do is follow the rule book and penalize riders that ignore safety flags. If just the red flag were shown rider's ... more »

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Ya ain't wrong.

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Oh let's not forget when they flew the checkered flag early during a main event race a couple races ago. Honestly, who the fuck is running this clown show?

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I've been biting my tongue on this for YEARS but after what I just watched... I'm over it. Why does SX/MX still treat on-track safety like a couple of good ol' boys ripping around the dirt field? It is NOT an elite level motorsport not matter how much ... more »

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LOL. In roadracing where tracks are pavement and literally do not change (radius of corners, etc) we find it hard to compare laptimes to laptimes over the generations due to things like pavement degradation, amount of rubber laid down, did it rain recently ... more »

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Figured this thread could use a little video pizzazz with some footage from Seth's first ride on Banana Bike 2.0 at Cahuilla Creek. Was a very fun day until I used my head as a basketball....

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AEO / REP ::thumbs up:: from me. Temecula, CA

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Top factory 450 riders pull 7 figures base salary. SX 450 race wins tend to be 100k kicker and Championship 1m kicker. All day long. Drops off pretty steep after that. Current Top rider helmet deals can be anywhere from 100k to 1m. Seriously. Gear deals ... more »

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I like that AJ Cat qualifies 26th fastest in an incredibly deep 450 field, in the premier global supercross series, and yet in another thread some dudes are calling him a hack. Sheeeesh. Side note: you can always tell which brand has the strongest contingency ... more »

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Thanks for sharing.

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Dealers don't make shit on bikes. Tiny margins. They make most of their money on PG&A and especially service.

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Suspect is an older white guy, fwiw. This was AEO owner Jeremy's personal bike and a real beauty. Know the crew there well and this just sucks. :-/

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Damn. What awful news. Guy was in great shape and really bums you out to hear that. I only had the pleasure of meeting Mike a few times, thru mutual friends. When I'd first moved to California (2010) I was living in Mission Viejo (near Oakley building) ... more »

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Ha really? Hayes and I and the rest of 'the friends' have been doing Wed Cahuilla rides last few weeks.... But yeah got canceled this week due to weather but Seth and I are rallying up tomorrow (Friday) at CCMX and I can't wait to see him on the latest ... more »

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Been rooting for Dylan for a few years now. The guy is a racer . On the track he is in it to win it and off the track he seems like a decent enough guy. \oo/ Was nice to see the impressive podium last night. On a side note, there is going to be a lot ... more »

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Your bike looks fantastic. I see a carbon mud flap, you make that?