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Figures I just did orders with Race Titanium and Luxon this past week.... doh...
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Factories can race and develop the 250 4st. Privateers and B/C level teams can ride the 250 2sts. Fans benefit. Adds extra excitement, factions, sound, and diversity. WIN FUCKING WIN. The only reason it doesn't happen is because the factories are terrified ... more »

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This is Feyd, our 18 month old purebred Czech German Shepherd. Here he is sleeping under my truck at the track, and doing general mountain dog stuff around our property, and having fun at the beach in Coronado where the SEALs train . He's the ultimate backcountry

... more »
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Ayyeeeee Boston! Seth505 and I are both Boston guys now living in SoCal... Seth has the HGS on his KTM 250SX so should be able to give some insights to that. I'm running Scalvini, which isn't any of the ones you mentioned, but I did like the change to ... more »

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Still riding short sleeve style I see. Love it.

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Thank you... yeah I'll share final tally at the end I just won't show specific breakdown of each part/price... because I get better than average deals on a lot of the stuff and that needs to stay behind-the-scenes. Though some of the stuff I do buy at ... more »

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Original plan was to get everything together, and on, before riding the bike but I have since rethought that. As I haven't been on the bike in a few months, I think it would be more fun to get one more ride in on the original stock suspension before

... more »
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You're free to share your own data / link. I'm a business owner also, in California, and doing just fine. You know when companies 'flee' California it's also because the states they are going to offer up massive tax breaks and incentives right? (ie: ... more »

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No one on here works in manufacturing or product development? The reason is cost guys. Stock bikes are built for the average rider and priced to sell in the market. If you built out an assembly line bike with all of the top of the line parts, it would ... more »

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I find that hard to believe considering the Yamaha USA Racing department went through this same thing with Josh Hayes in 2009. Hayes got on the 'all new R1' and struggled for the first half of the year. It was also his first time on a full-time factory ... more »

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Bike and factory parts are all from KTM/Husqvarna USA direct. Got out into the shop tonight and started getting everything organized and ready for install. Tomorrow the suspension is off to AEO / REP for setup along with getting the Starcrosses mounted.

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Based on MIC data Harley is the only major manufacturer who hasn't had growth in 2020. The overall industry is up 10% (some OEMs are up 30%) and yet HD is down. Yikes.

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So at the beginning of the year I decided my 2017 Husqvarna TC250 would become a 'Forever Bike' . Meaning, I would keep this bike 'forever' (hey nothing in life is guaranteed eh?). The premise is simple, and revolves around money + age. There is a point

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Nice! I'm doing a similar "Dream Build" on my TC250. Enjoy!

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HEH! Dunno why but this Tony Alessi didn't think he would be a good fit personality wise. Tony said on pulpmx that he really focuses on a positive team vibe. really made me laugh. Who would have thought that would be a thing 15-20 years ago? MCR has ... more »

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I got you. Keefer, is there something I can do about the rigidity I am gaining with the WP XACT Pro Component fork ”? Yes, going to a WP/KTM Factory Triple ... more »

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I live on Route 79, the backcountry road that runs from Temecula to Santa Ysabel/Julian area. The one you take going out to Cahuilla Creek MX and turn onto the 371 from. Last week a car drifted and hit a Husqvarna 401 motorcycle coming the other way. ... more »

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Neat. I just got my Husqvarna Factory Parts PHDS mounts in... so good timing on this thread. Mine appear to come with see-thru 'clear' bushings. Assume that is the 'medium' hardness?

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With a stock exhaust no less... Badass.