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Winning a National Championship a round early can do that to followers of the sport. Don't worry about it mate.

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The show is almost always good both sides of the pond. IMO The best and worst races are run by YS. Qatar, Thailand, Mexico etc are not particularly impressive, but they're hitting it out the park with the Nations races right now. It just gets better ... more »

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I almost forgot Herlings has finally joined the big boys! I think he might just pick up where he left off at the Nations. Will be fun to see how Febvre and Gaisjer respond. I'm putting my money on GP21 as the dark horse.

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He's a cool kid with a cool story

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Russian riders have had a really hard time getting in and out of Europe since tensions developed with the West. I believe a number of Russian riders tried to get hold of Bulgarian passports and this sounds like that play may have backfired for Tonkov. ... more »

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Think it's Wilvo Yamaha now for Simpson. Maybe Tonus too.

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The 9th event held there. The 2nd MXoN

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I know the Ruskies have visa issues of late, but what could stop someone leaving Russia for 2 whole years?

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Matterley is like Wembley Stadium. It looks empty with 20,000 people in it. Matterley is one of the few venues in the world that seems tailor made for this event. Now the promoter has 8 events worth of experience under it's belt it should be a cracker.

... more »
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He's all heart. How can you not warm to him.

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Herlings and Cairoli laying down the fastest laps in the final moto. Low sun, square edge bumps - total dedication. Anderson was phenomenal. Maybe not the out and out speed of the top 3 in the 1.53's, but still won a moto and by a distance too which ... more »

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This is why no one cares about the Olympics

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I think it probably is accurate to point out that in many cases a GP rider will compete in more 'races' than US riders come the end of the year, but that fundamentally ignores the sheer attrition of Supercross as a discipline. It's not just the 17 rounds ... more »

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From talking to a few riders that have crossed the pond, the base salaries available for top GP riders is surprisingly very good. Its not necessarily distributed how you would think though. Paulin's Honda contract was enormous, but take someone like ... more »

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I couldn't give a shit about how fans are politicking over these comments. All I can say is this - given these are two of the most un-PC riders in the sports recent history, I'm really encouraged to see how much respect they have openly shown for each ... more »

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Awesome race. They were hanging it out to the very end.

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Looks like something out of a ropy computer game. Surreal.

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Switzerland - a country synonymous with mountains and rugged terrain and they find a flat field. Unbelievable.

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Gotta lot of sympathy for promoters of MX. You can be sure they are bending over backgrounds to try and bring you a show, but boy I don't know how you guys handle all these damn adverts. Jeez. On a more positive note I love listening to Langston. You ... more »

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GP riders spend the entire end of year/start of a new year testing for outdoors. They specialise in that discipline entirely. SX riders on the other hand are 100% committed to the discipline of SX during that period. It's hardly a surprise that US riders ... more »