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On 80s in the 90s, laped by RC at the E-town Race of Champions. It was RC's last race on a 80 and they raffled off his bike and Casey Clark won it. Felt bad for getting lapped at the time, but he turned out to be pretty good...

Added reply in a thread Coopers jump onto Tough Block incident poll 3/18/2019 9:30 AM

Well played, but you had a lap to consider how to handle it, and a place to allow the repass without others to follow through. Split second decision for Webb after almost crashing, tough call for sure.

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I watched with the sound on this weekend, and it has gotten so bad, that it's almost good now, but like train wreck good. RC takes himself to seriously to be able to listen to as a commentator - its like he's competing with Ralph.

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Looked like good luck to me.

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It's an addiction, just give in.

Added reply in a thread Ryno as a color commentator, what do you think? 3/9/2019 4:16 AM

Like others said, he'd be great, just not every round. I think that goes for all the "color analyst" guys. Why not switch it up?

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How bout the Dirty Heads as guest...isn't there some supercross connection there? Maybe like as the musical guest, a couple songs between breaks?

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Its bad. There's like an awkward tension between rc and ralph. I mute and play music, rather miss the bike sounds than constantly feel embarrassed for rc. I think I was too familiar with the jeff and ralph dynamic, that even if rc was perfect, it still ... more »

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Budds' is decent, but I think it's quality is relative to how far away you live. For me it's awesome for a 20 min drive, but not sure if it's worth a five or six hour drive. The trails were re-opened recently too, not sure if they still are though. Wicomico ... more »

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I have a 2014 (110th anniversary), it came with a 150 kit and was 4K OTD. Couldn't get the carb or forks to work for me, needed a revalve and a lectron. Not a bad bike, but I wouldn't buy it again. The aftermaket is not great, but doing a top end is ... more »

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Hare Scrambles.

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If I was riding with a buddy and just posted a better lap time, I'd probably point it out too. Why is this seen as anger? Seems like fun to me.

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Are the Fasst bars worth it for off-road? Still trying to justify the price to myself...

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Exactly. I didn't think anything could be more pain full to watch than the social media shit, but then the cartoon monster shows up to explain the rules and it is just fucking embarrassing. Who okay'ed that? How can you have the Roczen arm story on the ... more »

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Starting young makes sense, if the kid REALLY wants to ride. I bought my 4 yr old a crf50 (should have started on a pw) and he said he wanted to ride, but once he started it was obvious he wasn't ready, and subsequently scared himself and stopped riding ... more »

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Yep, and that's why I don't race mx anymore, only harescrambles. No where to practice mx, I'd be a hazard if I tried again. Gotta think the lack of place to practice mx has contributed to smaller turnouts, but larger numbers in gncc type events.

Started new thread Practice or natural talent 12/8/2017 9:29 AM

Back when I raced 80s I always wondered if the fast kids that were doing all the doubles had tracks, or at least a few decent jumps at home to practice on? My practice area was a flat field and some trails, so on race day I would only do the smallest ... more »

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I seem to go nose high too. What you say about throttle and blipping the on the face I do, and am trying to fix that. Question though, what do you do with the throttle when approaching and on the face of the jump? I'm thinking i should roll off the throttle ... more »

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I'm not on blood thinners, but i have a blood clotting disorder which is sort of similiar to the effect of thinners. As I've gotten older I do more harescramble type riding than moto, but that's unrelated to my medical stuff. I haven't had any crashes ... more »