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I don't have inside knowledge of all the brands but I strongly feel Fly/WPS support the sport more than any other gear brand. Their support of races, privateers, and ametuer races is unmatched. JT$ - I personally don't like the wild clown gear look and ... more »

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The Fly racing lift stand is great. Fly also does a lot to support the sport and also the privateers.

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If you are racing for fun I would highly recommend a 150. If you are trying to qualify for Loretta's or something similar the 150 will be a handicap in the vet classes. Other than that, there is no downside to a 150. You will have more fun, race harder ... more »

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That's a great story!! Thanks for sharing..

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I know this sounds crazy but Peleton 3-4x per week was the best thing for my arm pump. I'm starting to believe as you legs/core get fatigued you start to hand on tighter. Less leg fatigue is less arm pump. Especially important if you can only ride on ... more »

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I would agree 100% that Cone Valves get better the faster you go. I also feel this is due to many suspension shops mostly working on suspension for reasonably fast and really fast riders. I'm a B class vet racer in Idaho, trying to work my way to A class ... more »

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Maybe I caught someone at Factory Connection on a bad day, but when I was buying my CV's, I was debating on spring CVs vs AER CVs. Factory Connection seemed super annoyed that I asked two questions about the difference and pros/cons between the two. ... more »

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Billy at Powerband. Nice guy and super knowledgeable.

Started new thread Best camera/lens setup for $500-$750 for moto pics/short videos?? 12/6/2020 9:57 AM

I'm starting a small amateur motocross team. We want to purchase a lower end camera/lens package with a budget of $500-750 to take action photos and short videos. The pics/videos will be used to post to our social media pages and also for training purposes. ... more »

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I ride a KTM SX150, which has a pretty large gap between the fuel tank and triple clamp. I will probably install it there with super velcro. kdiringer - Did you have problems with it mounted in front of the fuel tank?

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I just ordered an XGPS. I had been using RaceChrono but the 1Hz resolution isn't very good. It basically only works for lap times only, so I want to get some better data on corners, etc. I'm a long time Android user and find it hard to believe that LitPro ... more »

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It sucks to hear on a new bike, but just put a Lectron on it and be done. You will thank me after 50- 100 hours of near perfect jetting

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Crowe176 - for most people, the Specialized Turbo Levo is the goto eMTB. On ebike forums, the Levo forum has about 10x as many posts as all the other brands combined. The cheapest version with a decent battery is $6,000, which causes some people to look ... more »

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If you ride for fun and not to win, I would highly recommed the SX150. I have a 2019 and it's the most fun I've ever had riding. It will also make you a better rider as it punishes lack of corner speed much more than the SX250./300. My son has an 2017 ... more »

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There have been several riders knocking the forks on the 150. Here is my quick opinion: The forks were changed to AER in 17, so models before 17 had the 4CS forks, which we all know were terrible. With the AER forks, I feel that they work very well for ... more »

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I put the Lectron on with 0 hours, so all the riding has been with the Lectron. As I said, I really struggled to get the jetting spot on with my sons 17 SX125. I didn't want the same struggles with my 19 SX150 so I ordered the Lectron right when I ordered ... more »

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I'm comparing a 17 SX125 vs a 19 SX150 here, so there is slight difference in year. Both are equipped with Lectron carbs. The 125 pulls longer than the 150. After riding both, it almost feels like the 150 signs off a little earlier. There are a couple ... more »

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I have the 19 SX150 with about 15 hours on it now. Mostly Moto and track riding. It's the most fun I've had riding a bike in a long time. My thoughts: Pros: I think the AER fork works pretty damn good on the 125/150 compared to 450/250 bikes due to the ... more »

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I'm in for Friday night. I agree, Saturday will be pit bike race, etc..

Started new thread 125/150 rear brake technique entering corners?? 9/30/2018 12:24 PM

I bought a 19 SX150 about a month ago. I've been loving the bike, but have a question for all the 125/150 guys... I'm coming of a SXF450, vet junior/almost intermediate rider. When I'm entering corners, I'm having a problem with the rear brake killing ... more »

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