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Not sure what year and model you have, but on my 14 KTM they are both the same. Most Brembo's are the same.

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My last two orders I placed on Friday and recieved on Sunday. RMATV has earned my business for life, feel bad for everyone else.

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That's what I want. Jealous.

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x3 on the LC4. I miss my '06 625SMC. Got so many comments and likes on it, more than any vehicle I've owned or driven.

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'50 Model A. My Dad picked it up in '90. Still use it to disc the track and pull a brush mower. Also good for pulling out trucks when stuck 4x4ing. Wish I had something newer with a 3 pt though.

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Jealous. Would like to upgrade my '14 250 SX with a newer version. I'm in MN also, north of the metro.

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I'll throw in another vote for Millville, mostly cause it's the only National caliber track within a 2 hr drive for me.

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There's a good write up over on thumper talk on the CR shock conversion. Pretty simple, just minor shimming, grinding, and helicoil new threads.

Nice work on the swingarm conversion yak! Was that much work? I got a line a blown up KX100...
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Thanks for the tip! Any particular year RM85 carb? I've done some reading, people installing VM26 carbs with varying results. Sounds like 26 carb is too big, a 24 should be just right? Didn't KX65 use a VM24? Airbox snorkle has been removed. Also the ... more »

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I agree, 50's, 70's etc are all too small. Big fan of 125 4 stroke bikes, TTR, DRZ, KLX, CRF ect. I'm 6ft, love my DRZ125L. I've seen others install 85cc MX suspension on TTR's and DRZ's. So far I've installed forks and clamps from a RM85, rear shock

... more »
Started new thread 15+ KTM Fork Guards w/ Decals 3/29/2020 11:13 AM

Brand new, never installed. White Acerbis for 15+ KTM's. Wrapped them, then realized they wouldn't fit my bike. $30 shipped in the US, or best offer.

... more »

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A few more photos

A steep rocky uphill into the woods A soil sample, this section is now uphill rollers/whoops ... more »
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I'll bite, a fun for all skill levels mx hare scramble mix. Tried to incorporate the natural terrain. Has a woods section, always changing and evolving. Just lucky to be able to ride out my back door.

... more »
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Spent time in the garage today working on the pitbike. '03 DRZ125L, installed the obsolete BBR frame cradle today. Bike has RM85 front end and CR85 rear shock. It's a fun toy.

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What about him deleting all the Honda photos on his social media (so I heard)? Is KTM trying to lure him back? I thought it looked poorly on KTM, Dungey going to Geico. Thought Decoster and Dungey were pretty close. But RV is on Yamaha and MC is on Kawasaki ... more »

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Rode there once probably around 2002, would like to come back and check it out. Congrats and keep up the hard work.

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I've been wondering/thinking the same thing... looked bad, I yelled out load at the tv. It's my fault, I had him picked on my fantasy team. Best wishes and recovery.

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You guys are all doing a hell of a lot better than me.

Every round seems like I have one rider that fails to qualify or gets hurt. Last night I had Nick Gains in the 250. Was out the first lap in the 250 heat race. I've learned to stop picking ... more »
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As much as I love Millville, and it's my home track, I doubt the facility could handle MXoN. It's still pretty primitive.