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Thanks for the tips fellas!

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I've got a 2.5 year old that is starting to get brave on his Stacyc and I think it's time to move from a bicycle helmet to a moto helmet. What helmets have you all tried on the kiddos? Good/bad experiences with specific brands? I'm not worried about ... more »

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How much time would you estimate on the seats?

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That turned out awesome! Can you breakdown your prep routine? Did you use a matte clear over the top?

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Can confirm. Running a 2009 YZ450 shock on my 2004 YZ125 (04 swingarm).

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I rode 450's for a long time, felt like I was losing my intensity so I picked up a YZ250F. Loved that bike. Built up my speed, intensity, and confidence then I picked up a Husky 350. Rode that for a couple years and now I'm looking for a 450 again. I'd ... more »

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Been looking in Austin for 2 months. Found a few but all of them were gone in minutes. This time I was the lucky one. Just snagged a bone stock 2019 for $1600. Gotta pick up some bars and a stock exhaust. They pulled the guts out of this one so it’s

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Moto Media

Sorry for the late reply but will do! I'm excited to see this beast starting to come together.

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2008 stuff should work no problem. It'll be MUCH better than the 04 brakes.

Make sure you send me a picture of this bad boy when its done!

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Moto Media

I actually just had the wheels arrive at my house yesterday. I am on a bit of a budget so I wouldn't have been able to afford other anyhow. That's interesting with the Honda brake. I think I am going to try and mount the 2008 yz250f brake system that I got with the updated forks. Hopefully it all bolts on. Side note I see exactly what you mean about the number of spacers tusk sends. Super cool of them to do that. Makes life easier haha

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The new forks/guards have a different routing so I think you have to upgrade to newer brakes. I'm running a full Honda setup - master cylinder, line, and caliper. Bolts right up and they are way better than the Yamaha stuff.

Side note, if you haven't already bought the Tusk wheels I'd consider something a little lighter. They'll do the trick if budget is your priority but 125 is so light that you really feel the weight of the wheels. Especially if they are even slightly out of true you'll feel it every time you leave the ground.

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Moto Media

One last question for ya! How did you go about mounting your front brake caliper? Which mount did you use the one from the updated forks or the stock 04 125 mount?

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NO bikes in the Austin area. I've been looking for a pitbike for a couple months. Market gets worse by the day.

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Sweet! Glad you like the build. I freakin love that bike.
I'm actually not sure what is required if you use the 04 clamps. If you get a set of 06+ clamps then the spacers that Tusk sends will work without having to modify. Tusk sent 3 different size spacers so you may find that one set will work. Good luck!

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Moto Media left a comment 5/11/2020 10:26 AM
Moto Media

Hey I'm currently working on rebuilding an 04 yz125. Using yours as a guide haha you killed it and achieved the look that I'm going for. However, I have a question regarding your SSS fork conversion and the Tusk Impact wheels. Did you end up shaving the 1mm off of the brake side spacer? If so what spacer did you modify, the ones that come with the tusk wheels or the one that comes with the SSS forks?

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Isn't ET's first born due right around that time?

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Completely new to this bicycle stuff. Just picked up a Cannondale Moterra Neo 2.

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SWEET! I did a 1974 CL360 tracker a few years ago.

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The way the airlines have handled my checked luggage I would expect a lot of parts to arrive dinged up. No problems?

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Sale fell through. Still have it.