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The first few years of WESS was really compelling to me, with the beach races, classic enduros and the hard stuff. I understand why they'd want to move away from that, but such a multi-disciplined championship was cool.

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That's a great interview

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You wouldn't bet against any of Roger and Ian's young picks? There's so many that went bust you won't even remember: Riddle, Thain, Lalloz, Gray, Moss... Vohland is getting thrown into the deep end like the rest, sink or swim. If Dungey didn't thrive ... more »

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I think you'll see him on something red.

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You wouldn't really need to do anything. If you did get the Honda you'd certainly want to.

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Lots of classic designs that hold up over time. Not necessarily cutting edge, but their looks often define an entire era. Probably the only brand where old pieces will significantly appreciate in value over time. And above all, that logo. Still cool ... more »

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1. Tomac - predict a steady if unflashy title like Dungey in 2017 2. Webb - cannot afford to be in a hole early like last year 3. Ferrandis - IF he makes the first race, he will be the breakthrough 4. Cianciarulo - a few too many wild races 5. Barcia ... more »

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Gear it taller?

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For me, it was the late '90s through early 2000s. It was still a cheap and accessible sport, with a bit more of the edge that comes with being less popular. I didn't care for the period of 2004-2014 or so. I believe the four strokes ruined the sport ... more »

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I believe Dungey could have pulled something together if he was seriously committed. In 2020, 3 years into retirement, just making calls to gauge interest won't be enough. He would have to say I am doing this, come hell or high water. The fact that it ... more »

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Go back to the roots, natural terrain. It's becoming a lost art. Start a series, if you build it they will come.

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Subscriber count does not allow him to start worse than 5th

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Highly, highly illegal unless properly registered with the state. Otherwise, there is no mechanism to stop the seller from just giving the bike to their buddy. Or not giving it away at all, and pocketing the cash. Everyone would sell their shit via raffle, ... more »

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Love too commit felony assault at the motocross track

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We get it, you're Team Forrest. This is part of the problem. Everyone is in one camp or the other, and tries to get all hand-wavey and dismissive when things don't add up and fans ask questions. People are still asking questions because no one is being ... more »

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Take it up with the Chinese.

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The reason I have bought some O'Neal stuff in the last few years is because they've improved their look and style drastically.

Started new thread ISO CR250 Fork Tube '97-'07 11/19/2020 5:23 PM

Located in Canada but happy to pay shipping. Thanks!

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Seems like Forrest is getting treated with kid gloves by the media because he's one of the cool guys, even though they know what's up.

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I won't believe he's done for good until about 5 years after he is.