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Digging it. Appears to be keeping the great aspects of the platform with a slimmer and lighter feel. New engine is a surprise. Sign me up.

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It should exist, it should be called the AMA Grand National Championship. The winner should get a blue number one plate to run for the next year.

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For a T1D, like the OP you are addressing, your advice is absolutely counterproductive. Foods high in glycemic index create an immediate host of symptoms that you with a functional pancreas could only fathom.

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Actually impressed how well they've kept it under wraps so far.

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Pretty grim year. If Wright gets a perfect season I’m afraid it won’t be viewed the same as it would have in past seasons.

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One certainly hopes that charges will be brought to those who conspired against Mladin.

Liked a bike check 1997 TM 250 Cross 6/17/2022 8:14 PM
1997 TM 250 Cross
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I was diagnosed as a Type 1 in April 2017 at age 33. It has been quite an adjustment. Moto is such a cornerstone of my life, I was determined not to let diabetes get in the way. Of course, it absolutely does in reality. For me, hot and humid days are ... more »

Started new thread WTB: YZ450 16-17 Triple Clamps 25mm offset 5/19/2022 7:30 PM

Looking for a set of 25mm clamps, I understand these were only on 16 and 17 YZ450s. Located in Canada and will pay shipping. Thanks!

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Malcolm injured before outdoors = the World SX check cashed.

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Just deduct it from their purse money

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That's pretty cool, in a frankenstein kinda way. Curious what type of top end and crank life you'll get.

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I have heard accounts that Carmichael's 2004 CRF450 (which was 216lb, before the different weight limit for 450s was imposed) is as good an outdoor bike as anything the team produced for 15 years - which suggests it would be better than today's stocker.

... more »
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Windham and Josh Hill both did it and won races when they tried.

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I don't think the record will be topped, but come 2035 I could see Jett Lawrence being pretty close.

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It's embarrassing, looks terrible, and completely devalues in the in-person fan experience.

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The only way to be able to ride long motos is to start riding long motos, but only at the pace you can sustain throughout.

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Sand motos + no diesel oil = crank life reduced by half. Ask me how I know.

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If the hit is bad enough, you just stop, not “pit for a new helmet” FFS. Personal responsibility is rapidly going extinct.

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Bikes get better over time, though the progress is not linear of course. So if you are sticking with the same platform, you better hope your competition is as well and not making improvements. There is a lot to be said for comfort - new does not automatically ... more »