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Terrifying. The physics involved with road cycling accidents have always been enough to keep me away. All the best to Mike.

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Are we ready to address the elephant in the room that the situation is unlikely to be very different in two months? Or six?

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I am T1D also - diagnosed at 33 years old a few years ago. I use the Libre CGM but no pump. I would have some concerns about it falling off or getting otherwise damaged. I already lose plenty of Libre sensors as it is doing longer sand motos when things ... more »

Added reply in a thread SUSPENSION EXPERTS !! 2003 era - looking for a little help please." INERTIA DAMPENER " tested/raced by Noleen/Moto XXX 6/28/2020 5:48 PM

Are you certain it was actually a hydraulic damper? I have heard that it was actually just a weight. Cool build!

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He'll probably be good, but people always think guys will be soooo much bettta on a 450 just because they're tall. This board was ready to anoint Plessinger as the next champ and send Webb off to pasture two years ago. Usually you have to walk before ... more »

Added reply in a thread Doesn’t sound like Bam is keen or confident about being Blu-Cru 6/23/2020 9:41 PM

You really should look up some actual results before talking out of your ass.

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I wonder if he is truly as burnt out as some think? His dad, the guiding force in his career, had incredible longevity in his sport. Not sure if it's Eli's motivation to get back to the ranch asap, he has his whole life to do that. I also don't see anyone ... more »

Added reply in a thread Chad Reed All-In for 2021? 6/23/2020 8:02 AM

Chad has learned enough about the car world to know that tooling around with rich guys in Super Trofeo is not comparable to racing SX at the highest level. He has been an elite athlete for 20 years. That feeling is not going to be replaced. He believes ... more »

Added reply in a thread In the meantime, Honda is struggling a little. 6/17/2020 11:42 AM

Wasn't exactly "no worries". The first KX/RMZ 250s were some of the most unreliable bikes ever. They blew up at local tracks across the land and put plenty of kids out of the sport.

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Dylan won't be scared of the YZ450 or the factory team. He has a certain Frenchman in his corner that will carry a lot of influence in that environment and on bike setup. KTM, which is understood to have a big interest, could be less attractive if the ... more »

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Ralph sucks. He doesn't even particularly like motocross - just the paycheck. His personal interests are 4-wheeled stuff and rock bands. As a result, he is completely useless as far as understanding and relaying the nuances of supercross. Ralph cannot ... more »

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Easy on the "NEXT JETT" altogether... I think he will be great as well but thus far he has a 9th, a 5th, and a DNF.

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The mag is still good, but the website has always been Stumpy Phalange’s department.

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Impact Canopy. Prefer the aluminum frame but either is great.

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I believe for a number of years that GP numbers weren't fixed, and could change from event to event. A rider would be given preference for his home GP, etc. Motovision series are unreal. Can't believe I'm getting old enough that it is now considered ... more »

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I'm sure he wanted more from his career, but he had a lot of good moments. One of those guys that is just fun and entertaining to watch. Plenty of riders with twice the resume don't have that, and won't be remembered in the same way. Hopefully he will ... more »

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Tortelli was my favorite rider at the time - I see a lot of parallels with Tomac's style today. Similar body types, ultimate corner speed (especially outsides), aggression over finesse. They also tend to go about their business in a similar way. Outside ... more »

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Reasonable thought - I doubt the '99 CR250 did him any favors. But the main thing that derailed his potential was Carmichael. That guy turned a lot of careers into "what-ifs".

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Sweet build. The '99 was my favorite looking McGrath Yamaha as well. The white airbox was 2000 though.

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Cool but it doesn't have the Winfield shrouds