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Didn't have time to paint the KTMs black

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America needs the Junkyard Dog

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Put enough rods through cases and you realize that most of us are more fans of the riding than the noise.

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So Brownie was already in his mid-thirties, on a full privateer effort backed by his buddy's dealership. He was buying customer engines from Pro Circuit. Most of the field was in those early years of 250Fs. Brown won the race at Budds and doesn't finish ... more »

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Very cool! Lots of interesting history behind that bike and Mike's year in '05. He was on his way to the title and a spot on Team USA before things went sideways and some drama ensued.

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The MX2 guys are kicked out once they turn 23 and are getting good. KTM hires the most promising guys, and in an artificially restricted class, it skews the results. They have the highest budgets, most riders, and great bikes too of course.

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Benoit is back at it. Kaven > Cannella IMO, any size bike. It's all academic anyway.

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Leatt believes that their brace provides greater protection from catastrophic spinal injury. Ryno believes braces make it more difficult to maintain an optimal riding position. Both things can be true.

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Scared to take the pay cut

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2013-14 PSF1 forks were actually quite good. The 15-18 SFF can be a real nightmare. If you do end up deciding to switch to the old spring fork (08-12 is direct fit), I would be interested in buying your forks.

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My riding hours were probably cut in half after our first, and my wife is very supportive. You certainly learn to appreciate it more. And you realize that anytime you said "I don't have time to ride" before you had kids was an absolute joke - because ... more »

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Absolute legend.

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That is awesome! He has to be pushing 50?

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Super cool. This could have been you, teamed with Yves, if born a decade earlier...

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Stock they are slow and have snaky handling. Stiffer fork and clutch springs, Merge knuckle, a pipe, and 24mm triple clamps with get you in the ballpark.

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Hasn't been a better looking YZ since

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We may not have seen the last of them either, BRP bought a number of Alta's assets:

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Last year they got this idea that they needed to have Wil, Blair, and Ralph himself inject the main event full of brainless, completely irrelevant anecdotes - and they have doubled down on it.

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They will take it as far as your wallet will allow. Advice? Just ride it stock first, and address any complaints later.

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Looking for the big Pirelli scoop. Hard to come by lately - if you have one or know a place with them in stock I'd appreciate a heads up!

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