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Try Stuff pops up if you search on here:

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That's also the winner for me. Growing up in the UK in the 70s as I got into MX it was obvious RDC was the man. Then I picked up a copy of MXA and suddenly we had 2 of "the man" RDC & the Rocket. Just my 2 cents worth

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This can be usefil. Don't subscribe just clear your cookies

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Well As someone that's old enough to have been to Farleigh, Hawstone, Namur, Kailsdorf, Dodington, Fox & Hounds, Valkenswaard & Kilmartin GP tracks, plus countless UK national tracks. Whilst I may be a wanker, actually not that uninformed. You ... more »

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Seriously Is that the best track in the whole of Italy? Asking for a friend?

Reply to 125cc Racing is the best...agree or disagree? 8/18/2020 12:18 PM

125 race from the recent Classic & Twinshock meeting in Westmorland. GB Watch to the end!!

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Contact StevieD113 on here.

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Nothing of any Star Wars

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Off the wall thought!! What about 3D printing. Can you get the dimensions from someone. I'm reading everywhere that 3D printing is the "next big thing" for one offs Whadya think?

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Trixie Kilberry I'm rich!!

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A cheap one?

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Pro Circuit TEL: 951-738-8050 FAX: 951-738-8065 ADDRESS: 2771 Wardlow Rd., Corona, CA 92882 That's where I'd start

Reply to WTB - 1980 Suzuki RM400 Airbox 4/19/2020 12:03 AM Might be worth a try?

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You better phone Vince Gilligan & tell him ;-)

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Lectron. imho

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Yeah, that's the boy. So how did they compare with the stock Yamaha set-up? Anyone out there use one?

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78-81 The pre Unitrak/Prolink type mono

New thread Fox Air Shox for late 70s YZ 3/30/2020 8:06 AM

So I've got it in my head that at one stage Fox produced an Air Shock for the cantilever type Yamaha YZ. Can you confirm I didn't dream it? If anyone used it, was it any good? Ta

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Here Facebook Youtube Speedhive.mylaps for UK results Really struggling after that; I'm unaware of a good UK or Euro site for Twinshocks/oldies