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Isn’t the Red Cross flag supposed to be at the front of a series of jumps instead of the middle?

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I don’t understand this nonesense. Let’s look at Lance Armstrong. He was punished for doping in order to gain an unfair advantage in professional cycling. So what he was taking gave him an unfair advantage. But, there are rich teams and poor teams. Isn’t that an unfair advantage? Bike A might be better than B, or C. Isn’t that an unfair advantage? In the TdF, the whole existence of the team is to get their star rider to the finish without having to do any work. All the glory goes to the star rider, not the team who got them there. Where is the fairness or competition in this? There is none but LA was punished for cheating in an unacceptable way.

So now this in MX. Mostly the same things apply and it’s dumb. Pro athletes are entertainers so let them put on the best show possible. Pro athletes are not special, stop putting them on a pedestal and let the monkeys dance.

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