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Hansen always cracks me up. Aside from my personal issues with him which goes back to the early 2000s and really dont matter at this point, the dude always has the sickest style on practice days. Then racing happens and he Hanny's. It's like Barcia is ... more »

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Some people are turning this into a Reed Vs WP thing, and that is not at all what I intended my post to be. Weston Peick is a great dude with a ton of grit and has done great with where he came from. Reed is one of the all time greats nearing the end ... more »

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put a zip tie on the forks and run whatever pressure keeps you an inch and half of travel (35-40mm) from bottoming. Then Turn your clickers . Set air pressure first. 2psi represents roughly one spring rate. That being said, I have run 135-158 in mine ... more »

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Really? Its business, and if you think otherwise you are seriously deluded. Takes NOTHING away from the concern or respect for Weston Peick.

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This is always a good reference and could be a way to help positively promote MX in an area as well. And I am sending positive comments in email as well.

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First let me state that I wish Weston Peick all the best and cant wait for him to make a full recovery. Dude is a bad ass and I love watching him ride. Next up, Does this mean Reed will get his JGR contract? I can't imagine WP is going to be back for ... more »

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Its interesting seeing the different input, my son rode a 19 yz and was super excited...until he hit the track. He felt really cramped coming off his ktm. He is only 5 foot but long limbs. He didnt like it at all. I was hoping he would like it. Would ... more »

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One of the best write ups I have seen in a long time and he nailed it.

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i will most likely take anything left over. you can text me at 9286997591. most interested in the bottom end.

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I don't understand why people are upset about this thread. The realities of how MX and its related injuries create problems that people have a hard time dealing with. Our society loves to bury ugly stuff. For whatever reason, he made multiple poor decisions. ... more »

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Saw a FC post on IG and it sounds like they are going to a different helmet. Did i miss the news?

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Roger :"Ok, I am only going to do this once" CW: "Thank You" Roger : "Dear Marv, please be nice to Cooper. You may need him to pull over toward the end of the season and let you by"

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i'm sure there is a coherent post in your statement, but the lack of punctuation is confusing. I read it 3 times, and I am still trying to figure out what you mean.

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I have 1 adult and 1 child for sale. My group has all bailed

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Bike looks amazing and I think he is going to ride well, but conservatively. Does he go balls to the wall to prove he has the speed, or does he back it down a notch to make sure he stays healthy?

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WW in late june is going to be nasty. Heat, humidity, crappy view. Why monster mountain isnt on the list i will never know. TN at least had decent views and elevation change

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I am in the exact same boat. I have a 17 FC350 with 50 mostly easy hours, and have had older RMZ's that I really enjoyed. I have been toying with the idea of buying a leftover 18 that I can get new for $5100 and then do suspension and HC piston, exhaust. ... more »

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good lord, what were you riding on? I see how the knobs are worn down in the middle far past what most would run.

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Back when I lived in San Diego and was going to Ocotillo Wells every weekend during desert season, I used to jump on the highway (78) behind my buddy in his jeep and ride 1 handers behind him in the Jeep for miles. Had to make a few fast exits when rangers ... more »