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GA Tracks I can think of off the top of my head Lazy RIver MX Tribe MX (Sorta private now) Highland Park Calhoun MX Silver Dollar MX Aonia Pass Fannin MX Talking Rock Scrubbin DIrt Alma MX Live Oak Moto VIP Several Training Facilities that are well known ... more »

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I am looking for cases as well if anyone knows of any.

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my son is 5'4" 13 years old and has no problem on his yz125 125 shouldn't be an issue

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I think its most effective to ride it like a 250 and rev it until you're tired. Then you have the option of riding it like a weak 450. They do not have anywhere near the low end grunt a 450 does, so if you want to ride it that way, you give up the benefits ... more »

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#59 Have been since I was in my 20's. I decided that at age 59, I would decide if I was too old to be racing motorcycles. At 48 now, the 59 isn't looking so far off!

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For comparison sake, I just sold my 17 FC350 with nothing beyond normal maint with 70.1 hrs for $6k Bike was incredibly clean and 1st guy who saw it bought it. He had looked at 6 others for slightly less money but he told me they werent nearly as clean ... more »

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Sooo many Emig stories from the mid-late 90's. I was living in SD at the time and riding Palm Ave regularly as well as attending most of the SX's and after parties. Definitely enjoyed himself and his status in the sport. I have never asked if he would ... more »

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Since 2006 I can't ride a yamaha. The rider cockpit is way off for me. Granted im 6 ft and have long legs and arms. Every yamaha I have ridden it was designed for people under 5'10"

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if they keep it up the Masterpool family may be able to have a shot at this. Hahn brothers were/are pretty fast

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I have been saying this for years. The practice format in US MX doesn't allow for creativity unless its out of desperation. I think it is even somewhat evident at the local level when you have 15 mins of practice in the morning on a wet track before ... more »

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Geez, Why doesn't a company make electric start for these bikes? Or maybe KTM is just trying to get everyone wanting electric start so theses kick starters would go away? Enough joking aside, that really does suck! Hopefully KTM will resolve this with ... more »

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so was RC!

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I race my 18 150 in 2 stroke open or 125-150 2 stroke for the series' that have that class. I race my FC350 in 40+ and 45+. Occasionally I race the 150 in the age classes. It is the bike I practice on the most (by Far) and the one I have the most fun ... more »

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I love their designs, but I have to say they haven't held up well for me. It seems I am an outlier with regard to durability after reading other people's posts. I have been putting graphics on bikes for 28 years, and have never had issues with durability ... more »

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I was shocked he so openly addressed it on the podium. As someone who has lined up next to him at many local races, I can say that it is strange to be next to him after the arrest. I didn't have any respect for him after all that went down, but I was ... more »

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id be willing to bet you could get 4k right now if its clean

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The market for used bikes, boats, RVs, PWCs, and all other motorized toys is insane right now. There are multiple news articles on WSJ, Forbes, etc. Prices are stupid on used wake boats right now, and I am finally motivated to build up the YZ125s I have ... more »

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I have a 150sx with a few mods and love KTM/Husky, but when my 13 year old moved from his KTM 85 to 125s, I put him on a YZ. Why? He is much faster and comfy on the YZ than the KTM. He weighs 100lbs and even after swapping springs and adjusting, the ... more »

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Kinda ticked. I just missed out by $100. Should have upped my bid. I would have gone 4k