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Looks like the rain has passed, so the track should mostly dry out- but will probably be lots of ruts since it is so soft. Should make for lots of mistakes, hopefully it makes for some great racing! The track looks awesome!

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Prices for everything are, or will be, going up. Printing money to pay for all the "free" shit everyone has been promised isn't "free". Economics 101.

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I was at the stadium last night, have not seen the NBC Sports TV broadcast to see what parts they showed. After watching him the last couple races on TV, then the heat race live, I told my wife before the start of the main that Seth was going to win. ... more »

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The Wire is an incredible series, well worth watching all of them- it does not fizzle out at the end like many other series. And Sopranos is probably the #1 series GOAT. And I will second the other reference to "Halt and Catch Fire" on AMC (originally). ... more »

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Yes San Diego 2005 (or 2006?) on Kawasaki. I was there, he tried to do a nose wheelie across a small tabletop and went too far....

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The stock and RE markets sure seem like 1999 or 2006 to me.... I think we get a big "covid restrictions ending soon" bump first half of 2021. People will celebrate and spend like crazy. Then reality sets in that the government cannot keep printing money ... more »

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Factory Tinder Yamaha racing...? (:

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Problem with a lawsuit, is more than likely you will win (because he won't respond to the court or show up for the hearing), but end up getting nothing anyways. So you "win" your lawsuit against him, and get a judgement against him. But if he has gone ... more »

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Happy birthday Scottie hope you have a great bday!!

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Congratulations! Enjoy every moment, they grow up so fast!

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A few months ago I bought my wife a 19 Infiniti QX80, and we traded in her older QX80. But we ended up doing through Vroom (basically same as Carvana just a competitor). Carvana had slightly higher prices overall when comparing the 2, and Vroom did a ... more »

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Its been many years since I have been there, but I don't think there are many boat rentals during spring break or holiday weekends (too much crazy shit happens for them to risk renting boats to rookie drivers). People just trailer their boats in from ... more »

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I freeking hate musicals, never understood why people thought it would be "normal" to just start singing lines in a movie. My wife loves Grease and Mama Mia, all that stupid shit. I have never watched either. But my oldest daughter talked us into watching ... more »

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Maybe SX and MX are swapping schedules? Highly unlikely stadiums will be allowed full capacity by January. But outdoors already has less restrictions, so maybe they do MX series first (would have to adjust the dates to have the warm weather tracks (CA/FL) ... more »

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That was awesome! Just goes to show that with a positive attitude and good intentions people can come together and make something that could have been viewed as "annoying"- and make it great! And that little kid has some serious balance skills for his ... more »

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Yes I recall him being part of the broadcast team, he was pretty involved in MX/SX in the early 80's.

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I had an employee test positive (high school senior, was exposed to it via another high school friend). She hadn't worked in a week, and only works limited hours, so the exposure/ contact list wasn't too long. Everyone here is required to wear masks ... more »

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JT Racing was MX in the early 80's
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Lol, this pic totally reminded me of all the days I would get home from school and do the same thing- still wearing my school clothes just throw on a helmet (sometimes boots or gloves) and go riding straight out of our garage. We lived in a regular neighborhood,

... more »
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1983 pics Top pic David Bailey at the San Diego SX. That year it was a CMC race (not AMA), Lechien won it on the YZ250 he got from a dealer because Yamaha wouldn't give him a factory bike (he was switching to Honda). Bottom pic- Brad Lackey ... more »