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Reply to Roswell 6/6/2020 1:08 AM

haha yep that's where I noticed it most also as we spent a fair bit of time crossing the Kansas / Oklahoma border, did not need to look at a map or have a sign tell us we crossed the border as the roads gave it away

Loved chasing in Kansas ... more »
Reply to Roswell 6/3/2020 9:47 PM

Have driven through a lot of New Mexico on the eastern side last year storm chasing for over a month on the plains, it's still more interesting then a lot of inland Australia which is just above sea level and very flat. SE NM and SW Texas with all the ... more »

Reply to MCM2 Vet - New to Vital 5/26/2020 4:53 PM

Happy 20th birthday for Motocross Madness 2 today released on May 26th 2000 I believe

20 years for a person is young but in the gaming / tech world it's pretty old haha. MCM2 one of my all time top 5 online racing games ever made. BTW great ... more »
Reply to When did reed become loved by American fans? 12/1/2019 6:09 PM

Imagine 2003 SX if Reed was still in 125 / 250, could of potentially been one of the most boring years in the history of the sport but it ended up being a entertaining year to watch between 2 riders for the championship.

Reply to AUS-X Open Supercross 11/30/2019 9:32 PM

Only half the stadium floor was used for the track and temporary seating was put in like they do for NRL and Soccer games etc, I don't think people understand how big a AFL ground is. Could almost put 2 full size SX tracks in a stadium like Marvel or ... more »

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I wonder if anyone here knew the code name for Motocross Madness 2 at Rainbow Studios was called Krusty2, it's throughout the MCM2.EXE file linking to the source code

Wish I had access to that folder Looking at some old pics makes ... more »
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I remember when GHETTOxFABULOUS and myself used to bag some guys about always wanting to race WFO tracks and have a whole heap of fun in general in the Zone, some will probably remember OvrClockd also which he used to come up with some crazy comments

... more »
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Yep, it was also a time where things were still pretty new for online racing plus it was a PC only game and the limitations for console stuff back then was pretty annoying compared to PC titles which MX vs ATV Unleashed showed with the console to PC

... more »
Reply to MCM2 Vet - New to Vital 9/14/2019 3:59 AM

Ah now I know why some hated me so much

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Hey OC thought ya might see this thread I brought back up

Been doing a bit of iRacing lately with a good set of wheel and pedals to finally retire the sidewinder stick earlier this year And yeah I do remember your website, wish MCM2 ... more »
Reply to MCM2 Vet - New to Vital 9/12/2019 8:50 PM

Yep the whole feeling of being in the Zone with the various websites with forums and tracks was so awesome back then.

Reply to MCM2 Vet - New to Vital 9/12/2019 1:58 AM


Almost 20 years since MCM2 came out crazy when thinking about it. ... more »
Reply to RC as a color commentator - unfortunate! 2/17/2019 2:14 AM

Yeah that was pretty bad how long it took them to mention Tomac went down, he was in the lead shortly before that and crashed while in 2nd but the Monster sponsored game was more important then the Monster rider crashing in 2nd haha.

Reply to The quad.. 2/16/2019 11:05 PM

Would of loved to have Jeff Emig commentating when Webb was catching up and doing the quad

Reply to Bubba Scrub or ?????? 1/21/2019 2:51 AM

I think the tracks have a lot to do with it also especially when a track is heavily rutted it's not exactly ideal to scrub a triple and come off the track like James did several times in his career. I remember Supercross tracks being more technical and ... more »

Reply to Why No Supercross Replays on Youtube this year ? 1/21/2019 2:36 AM

I find it funny how some are getting upset with others mentioning dailymotion like it's some secret underground video site or something haha, the site has been around for years and it's well known by large companies like Feld. Down vote me thanks guys! ... more »

Reply to Anaheim 1 SX - Night Show Bench Racing 1/5/2019 9:49 PM

Reed passed Anderson for 9th

Reply to Reed's JGR Contract? 11/25/2018 9:10 PM

Wouldn't exactly call it a mud track, T1 was real slick and a few other corners were a bit crappy but for the most part the track was good and allowed the riders to still hit all the sections clean.

Reply to McGrath - Class act. 3/30/2018 3:48 PM

To be as good and confident as MC was in his prime you have to be, RC took it to another level though when it came to being cocky and hating to lose lol.

Reply to Milestone - Monster Energy Supercross The Official Video Game 2/28/2018 9:39 PM

MCM2 was a better online game even with it's flaws that should have been fixed. It's laughable how poorly multiplayer is done on some of these modern games when some PC games did it better almost 20 years ago.