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I actually asked him in the autograph line at a race, forgot what the exact words were but yeah he wants it.

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Respectfully, I disagree. He’ll be back. He made mention of how he’d just started having fun again and his speed was trending in the right direction. I think he sees an opportunity here to get in shape and come in healthy. Sure seems to be spending a

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Started new thread How Do I Get an Anderson Jersey? 2/11/2020 5:48 AM

I want to buy a real Anderson jersey and hopefully see if he’ll sign it to a specific person at Dallas in a couple weeks. Where do I look?

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Are y’all using standard physics or advanced? Also... I’m struggling with the semi auto shifting... it keeps shifting me into 2nd when I don’t want to. Manual is tough to keep up with though.

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I might be tripping but I could’ve sworn I read or saw somewhere they added split screen...? Was I hallucinating? *edit* Checked their website and I must’ve been thinking about the new Co-Op compound mode they “added.” Couldn’t you always ride the compounds ... more »

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Anybody know of a live stream? I told my nephew he could use my Gold pass before I knew it wasn’t being aired live tonight. He’s been texting me all day excited to watch the race and I don’t have the heart to tell him I need to use it for myself. Anyone ... more »

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Looking only at the result on paper you won’t see much improvement... but if you paid attention there were signs of life. He was holding his ground at 6th in the heat race but he lost the front end and dropped to 12th. Made a couple passes and came really ... more »

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He also rode a nose wheelie for a solid 2 seconds before he finally went end over end. There was plenty of space there and blaming the track is a cop-out. These are the best riders in the world, they can handle it. If they choose to overstep their limits ... more »

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Correct me if I’m wrong but I haven’t seen anybody “wishing harm to his family.” That’s ridiculous and I would hope we haven’t stooped to that level. Is it okay to want to see him get a taste of his own medicine? Absolutely.

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Ferrandis pulled a lot of scumbag moves tonight, period. And for those of you trying to justify them—just stop. He had no chance of making the pass on Craig. He damn near sawed Jett’s front end off twice, then came an inch from colliding in the air with ... more »

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You wanted your answer, you got one tonight.

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How’s your fitness looking keyboard jockey? Looking at your recent posts you spend too much time dissing 22 that could be spent doing something a bit more productive don’t ya think?

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Obviously we all agree about the lack of preparation, but when it comes to age you have to remember that in sports physical/mental decline isn’t typically a gradual process. That’s why you always hear about “the cliff.” When it finally happens, and I ... more »

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When I heard him say that Lamborghini racing stole his heart it broke mine (alright that’s a bit much but you get the point), because I knew he was finished trying in SX. Matthes said him and Chiz were laughing together at A1 about how unprepared they ... more »

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Disagree strongly with your #2 and #3. I think people’s opinion of Eli will start to shift soon but for me it already has. He’s taken a step back and is now just one of the top guys. No longer THE top guy out there. 1. Roczen 2. Webb 3. Barcia I’ll add ... more »

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Might be a little overboard here but... Man he was not good today. Slowest guy in the main by a decent margin, 24th in qualifying. Went backwards—in an LCQ... Right now he can’t hold a candle to the likes of Alex Ray and Kyle Cunningham, and this is ... more »

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I prefer Milestone's approach over Nordic's to be be honest, even though the feeling of pre-determined rhythms has been a complaint of mine. Pulling a 4-5-5 at 100mph isn't entertaining to me. In SX, most guys are the doing the same lines, and the best ... more »

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My observations from the videos... The Good: - The sharp jump faces really make a difference. There isn’t one pre-determined line like in the first two games. You can’t blitz rhythms like whoops, and if you case it actually matters now. Which brings ... more »

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Should've thought about this sooner... Every time someone says "you can't win the championship here but you sure can lose it!"

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A test for what, exactly? That's kind of my whole point. Leigh isn't leaving his current gigs behind to come call the supercross races. Maybe they just know Leigh is better and will take what they can get even if it's just for three rounds? What if he's ... more »