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Inflation isn’t caused by a government going into debt, it’s caused by the population having “excess” disposable income and basically “bidding up” prices for goods and services. That’s why interest rates are used to help control inflation. Lower interest ... more »

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Plastic is very recyclable, but the economics of it are what make it difficult. Waste plastic is expensive to transport because you are shipping way too much air. I’ve been trying to work with a company in Oregon to get our local trash company to accept ... more »

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Guys please try to stop the blatant politicizing in this thread. We all have a decent idea on how most of us feel about our current president, and our comments are probably going to track parallel to those feelings. Please try to keep this more about ... more »

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Then we shouldn't be using the numbers that you did as if they are the final tally. Reports are that if we did nothing and went on as normal, the total US death toll could have been over 2 million people. That is much closer to the number you should ... more »

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If they don't have a new helmet coming out, then you have to wonder what their "testing" budget must be to put out a one-off that has to have certification by destroying so many helmets...…..!!!!! Pros have to have helmets that have been tested and certified, ... more »

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Couple quick things..... You are inferring that we have reached the limit on the number of infections and deaths. That’s obviously not the case. However, I think that we would all wish that to be true. You are ignoring the exponential type of growth ... more »

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Our irrigation water got turned on early this year, almost filled the pool this weekend. Decided I didn't really need to heat that thing over the next few weeks if I am not going to be using it that much. We are supposed to have at least a few nights ... more »

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There was another Austrian fella who advocated infecting folks with viruses and such. Anyone remember his name?

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Huh? Unemployment is absolutely available to an employee on furlough.

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That's pretty quick action and there must be some pretty solid math behind that, since an insurer has to apply for a rate change to a product in California. 3.5X is a pretty steep jump, so there must be some information showing that deaths in your age ... more »

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About that steep (miraculous?) drop off of Covid-19 cases and deaths in China...… ------------------------------------ ... more »

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Who is liable for all the other things stolen because of the smashed window...?

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Yet it happens every year with riders who get injured and could probably come back to SX and score some points, yet they opt to start outdoor testing instead. But for the contenders, I think that SX is still a higher priority than outdoors, so if a top ... more »

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It took me a bit to get into it, but I’m glad I kept watching that one!!!

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One party can’t just unilaterally amend a contract quite that easily. Use Barcia as an example. It’s widely believed that if he gets top 3 overall, he gets another year added to his Yamaha contract. Say he’s sitting 4th and several points out of 3rd ... more »

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There are likely examples of people being okay and people not being okay with every brand and level of helmet.

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It is..... And it’s a perfect fit.

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Is this a Vitard's bike? Looks fantastic, and the price definitely seems great! I'm surprised it has lasted on CL for a few hours even.

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If that’s after deductions, I will probably be able to give my kids some money to help them out. I’m not going to go dig out the 2018 return, but if we get something in the mail then we do, if not then we don’t. Either way the most important thing about ... more »