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There is zero chance CC stays healthy for an entire year on 450s. He has flashes of brilliance, but has proven to never put together an entire series. I love his riding style, but have no expectations of him being a title contender of any sort at this ... more »

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Sometimes I can't tell if CA is just trolling us all with this stuff.

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It's been out of production for awhile. It was around, then went away, then came back for a short bit when Joel Smith took it on, and then faded away again. John Tomac was riding Specialized the last I saw, and Joel Smith is now with Alchemy. Note that ... more »

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I didn't recall Doug Bradbury of Manitou being involved with Tomac bikes. I thought he had retired by that point, but just going by recollection. The other moto connection with Tomac bikes is that Joel Smith, who ran the brand for a while (owned it, ... more »

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More like the opposite in terms of who tells who to pound sand. If JB gets an offer elsewhere better than what Yamaha offers, Yamaha gets to choose to either match it and keep him, or decide he's not worth that much to them and let him go. Having a ROFO ... more »

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I think they should have kept him, he has had just as many race wins as JGR for lower cost.

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I was so happy to hear Weege and Langston instead of Ralph and RC (although RC really improved this year) that the handoffs to Wil didn't even bother me. It is baffling how Ralph is still employed after listening again to the far superior coverage by ... more »

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And will be 2 second a lap faster on the newest brand, and much more comfortable with the chassis and suspension. Every time they switch.

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If only they could have an all new 450.

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I loved when instead of hanging left after HH, you kept going to the upper hill, then went left. Agree about the new sections with the road jump and such, and definitely miss the Chuck Sun jump.

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Definitely do it! there are few things in life more fun than riding MX. Just manage your expectations, and don't expect to be clearing doubles and railing berms the first day. It will be a bit frustrating but stick with it and things will begin to click. ... more »

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Seemed more like it was lost the prior round. Up to that point, Shane had come out swinging and was winning. By round 15 though, seemed like Sexton had him covered, and wasn't that the one where McElrath was in second and couldn't make any time up? That ... more »

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I assume it is about as effective as complaining on online forums or changing ones profile pic on FB or IG to support various causes. So no. (and the post was 99% sarcasm).

Added reply in a thread Is Ralph okay? 6/22/2020 3:22 PM petition to get Weege and Langston on there?

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To me, if it's possible to put on SX races with no ticket sales, it seems like in normal times a whole lot more of those ticket sales dollars should be making their way to the purse money. I really liked watching SX twice a week.

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yep. I wondered if Reed was recalling when he used to lap Chiz.

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gold pass is the cheapest way without cable. You tube tv is the best way without cable.

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If you mean the first one, that was a great night, after a fun day including the amateur race that morning.

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Didn't Rick Johnson do this in the 80s? What's old is new again.

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that went from covet the milf next door to full on porn.