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But he never raced 125 supercross... never competed in a support class. That’s what the guy was asking. JMB came to the states and rode 250SX/MX and 500MX in 89... And he won the Gatorback national in the 250 class that year. So, he was winning right away without any time in the regional classes.

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His 450 results certainly make it questionable whether he'll stay a factory rider. You know McElrath and Ferrandis have to be eying up that spot. But AP's defense, that track played to none of his strengths. No ruts, no mud, not rough. It was the last ... more »

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So if it is feasible to hold a race with no fans in the stands, seems like it would also be feasible to put all ticket prices towards the purse right?

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The sad part is, they’re not completely wrong. SX more so than MX. I find the worst part of live SX is the crowd, by far.

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It's a reasonable point to think that something called a world championship should be accessible to residents of more than one country. Given where the series is at, as long as everyone who is still in the title hunt mathematically gets to race, I think ... more »

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IMO, lessons are worth what you put into them. Any focus on improvement of technique is helpful. Having someone video you and honestly critiquing yourself is very helpful (way, way back in the day, Paul Thede of Race Tech had a great video and workbook ... more »

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What the question of this thread is getting at is unfulfilled potential. One can not look at the potential for future success that TP had after winning that 125 championship, his age at the time, and the expected future success (in racing) and call the ... more »

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But not one of the most successful mx/sx racers. OTOH, he has incredible success in charting his own way, based on riding skill and infectious enthusiasm.

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I was wondering if they all did. Would have really loved more smack talk out of Mike the night before, and a 'believe the hype' reference. I was most impressed with Bradshaw's speed.

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I like where they were going with equalizing competition by making age of rider plus age of bike as close as possible.

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He should be pursuing drag racing as a post mx career. He has the skills for it.

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I was a little skeptical and wasn't sure this would be worth paying for. The fireside benchracing alone would have been worth the $. Definitely paying for the race now. I feel bad for whoever ends up on the YZ490 though. And for the YZ 490 if its Pastrana. ... more »

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That's interesting. A friend was thinking the private track might be Grays Harbor ORV in Olympia, RV's track. It reopened this last weekend and looks prime, and is basic as RV describes. No rain there yesterday though, and hopefully that's not it, as ... more »

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I like the idea, but then again, Suzuki has the DRZ 400 dual sport that hasn't changed in a decade or two, and they want way too much for those for what they are technologically. I think Suzuki's view of appropriate pricing for basic technology would ... more »

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While 1992 seems like just yesterday, it was actually 28 years ago, not 18.

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A couple a long time ago, enough to tell me they're not for me. Or I'm not for them. When I raced, a flat to rolling road race in bad weather fit my strengths a lot better. Now it's gravel events, fondo's, and endurance MTB (supposed to be Breck Epic ... more »

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the thread title was 'roadies' not 'paved roadies'. Where was the second pic from? (looks like CO) Here is some western WA gravel And some higher elevation (by PNW standards) stuff ... more »

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You'll love it! Mike is great to work with and his craftsmanship is top-notch. You might enjoy playing with before your build starts. I found it helpful to narrow down what it was I was trying to accomplish. Sent Mike the geo, and then in ... more »

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Better phrasing, yes. 👍 Just don't want others to get the wrong idea. You can control and more or less be a custodian of a nonprofit, but you have to be very careful about transactions between a controlling person and a related nonprofit entity, and ... more »