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Not 2 that can’t, 2 that won’t. They both made two strokes and certainly could again.

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I hope the former.

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I don't know if CW is superman, but he is for sure Ken Roczen's kryptonite.

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He's never remotely been in a points race like this before. A rider with more experience with that kind of results and being a contender for championships would be smarter about their racecraft. I think it's a breath of fresh air to the sport to see ... more »

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I agree with you, and would add that most of the PEDs allegedly being used don't help with the fundamental problem of top riders having more skills than others. But - the idea that testing proves compliance is ridiculous. Remember that Armstrong was ... more »

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I was with you until you brought Rutledge in.

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Meanwhile other idiot politicians are wanting to remove hydro dams on the Columbia. I guess they think we’re going to power the all electric future entirely with wind and solar. Seems like if the powers that be believed in electric, we’d be investing ... more »

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If I were an odds maker in Vegas, I might give him an edge, but it would be very close between the top 3. I think Hunter is more mature than the other two and should be more consistent. That said, he's proven fragile in the past, so can't see him as ... more »

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relevant analogies for FTW!

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Isn't this the same guy that got McGrath in trouble by posting pictures of him in new gear or on a new brand before it was supposed to be released, in violation of the terms of the photoshoot?

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You have to factor in the decision making that led to that injury in what should have been the prime of his career.

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It's hard to admire people who squander talent.

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first inaccuracy is that he was media or 'covering moto'.

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Same. I spent so many hours at Albany in my teens and 20s, and Salem AX all winter. Hanging out with Roby, Ryan, and a host of others. Bob and Linda were great people, had positive impacts on the lives of many, many young people, and will be sorely missed. ... more »

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I had one in ‘95. Loved it. Great combo of smooth power, handling, and suspension. Sold it to pay tuition and have always regretted not keeping that one.

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They took a lesson from the cell phone companies. Some things never change.

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For apps, Zwift is far and away the most popular. It's surprisingly realistic, especially when racing or in groups. Team Time Trails are where its for the most fun racing IMO. For purely training effect, what is called erg mode is the most effective ... more »

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That is so true. Although my surgeon also said why do another invasive procedure if there's no need, and I'm sure insurance companies push to leave hardware in when they can to save $. I was lucky, my surgeon is a cyclist, and that's what I mostly do ... more »

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As cool as that was, Bradshaw in '89 was cooler. I don't buy fox like I don't buy Nike, but still... how many brands have a string of winners like Johnson Bradshaw McGrath RC Stewart

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Agree completely. Josh Hansen 2.0