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Tell that to GM Ford FCA Toyota, they all have patents on thier parts. Just means ufo or acerbis will have to pay the ktm group to have an officially license product

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This isn’t anything new. Auto manufacturers have been doing this for years! I’m honestly surprised that motorcycle manufacturers haven’t been doing it this whole time

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I havent broken the joint but did break mid shaft on the humorous and it took 4 months before my surgeon let me get on the bike at all. I was healed up in time for hunting season here in Michigan and the concussion of the rifle going off left me with ... more »

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You clearly haven’t been around long. You think Goodwin and Thompson created and promoted the sport for the good of the sport? It was all about money and viewership. Supercross has always been and will always be a show

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Dan is terrible in the booth and Kristen is the worst reporter I have seen in any motorsports

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2001 I was 15 on a kx100 racing the super mini class in district 14 harescrambles. We were at Dutch sport park and I led wire to wire overall. That day everything was clicking and there wasn’t a line I couldn’t hit perfect down through the woods. I pulled ... more »

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Dont try to be the fastest out of the gate. Its a long day just focus on being smooth and that will take you a long way. Also make sure you have a camelbak or hydration system of some sort. Go into the first one and focus on just learning how to ride ... more »

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Sinister diesel did it with the color blue on their diesel parts

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6'6" here. I run CR bent bars with a tall seat and stock peg position. I found that instead of gripping with my knees I grip with my ankles more. When standing I tend to ride more like Danny Hammel did over the bars

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Thanks man!. I do remeber talking with you. I plan on freshening it up this off-season. The motor was all new at jackpine but I want to add some trick bits to it as well

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Best picture I have of it’s current state but it’s a 06 kx250f chassis with a 2004 kx250 motor in it.thing handles like a 125.

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I have not. Life kinda got in the way and the idea got put on the back burner but lately I have been reconsidering the idea of upside down and just going to the IT200 front end from 86. 43mm forks with a disc brake and wouldnt need a ton of mods to make ... more »

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I’m 6’6” at 200lbs and my 125 does awesome for me. I used to race against a guy that weighed 250 racing a 125 and the man could make that bike move. A lot of it depends on how you ride and how much bottom end you have.

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Did he have to shorten the back end of the pipe up? I currently have a modified yz125 pipe on mine but like this setup way better

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Lowe Racing is in Durand. Brad is an awesome guys and super knowledgeable. Been doing my stuff for a long time.

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It will never ever happen and here’s why, the France family! They will never let the FIM host an event there. I am surprised that the Daytona supercross is even fim sanctioned

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I would keep it! I have a 2003 kx125 and have so much fun on it. The two things I did do was bore it 80 over and put a PC pipe on mine and wow it came alive.

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Mickael pichon?

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They aren’t just checking for glass! One security guard took my sledge hammer for my 5th wheel hitch and she wanted to take my pocket knife. And we were just spot checked

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Pm sent