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I would think from reading about the injury, and seeing you guys who have experience with it that his professional racing career may be over. It looks to me from what I have read that he isn't out of the woods for neurological problems until surgery ... more »

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I am getting ready to convert one of my cabinets to wet blasting. Do you have any tips?

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This in Europe, of course it is full of KTM/Husky. The results in the US amateurs has quite a bit more blue. I have always been a Yamaha guy, as cool as it would be to get a new updated YZ250, the only thing I see it needs improving would be brakes, ... more »

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Basically new Z Start Pro for two stroke YZ250. It came with my 04 when I bought it. I installed it when I finished the build about a month ago. It works amazing, it makes me lazy honestly because it makes riding it tight stuff so much easier. Just seeing ... more »

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I noticed that. I will be trying one on my YZ250 for woods riding. I think it will be great for those of use that haven't gone to a 18" rear.

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Probably still going to have to drop your price, I just got a inner hub, pressure plate and clutches pulled out of a 17 250x for 40.00 shipped on eBay. It was basically new, the guy pulled it for a rekluse. Not trying to be a prick, just fyi so your ... more »

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A STIC is my next purchase for my freshly built 04 YZ 250. It took me a year finally get it together and I love it. I have talked to Keith at KP Racing a lot about the STIC. I can't wait to get one.

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I don't get these factory teams going to these tracks when they are open to the public. Rent the track one day a week if you feel like it is that good for testing. Or by some land somewhere and build your own track. If I can afford my own land and private ... more »

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Will the clutch, hub, pressure plate etc. and cylinder interchange on 02-up yz250? Wanting to double check before I buy some spare parts for my 04.

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Alex finished as well as Cooper usually does

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Send me your login and I will see if I can get it to

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WD40 the spoke nipples after washing, I don't want those babies freezing up

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Looks good. I am finally putting my 04 together that I have had for a year. It needed the crank rebuilt when I bought it. It has been sitting stripped to the frame since the week I bought it. I put the engine together last night and can't wait to get ... more »

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Lol, I have used NGK in everything for years. The guys I talked to have $150k-$200k pro mods and both are running E3 plugs. That says something, I was just wondering if anyone had tried them in a bike on a dyno. And yes I know E3 sponsors the NHRA pro ... more »

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Anyone tried an E3 in their bike? I have talked to guys in the car world that say you can see some improved combustion on the synopsis. Thinking of trying one in my 04 YZ250 when I get it together. Any input?

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How much?

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I believe it will use 15-up graphics. I just bought the polisport kit for my 04 I am building

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Most people do it without realizing it. Same goes for wrestling, jiu jitsu and other combat sports. I still catch myself holding my breath in a heated battle. It takes lots of practice while focusing on breathing.