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I just watched the video, and it is as I expected. He was being honest, I didn't see it as cocky or whatever at all. I understand totally about being tired of paying employees and watching your money fly out the window. Some of you guys get so butt hurt ... more »

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I see the arc brake lever, what kind of clutch perch/lever. Also interested in the pegs

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Man I hope the Nashville SX is true!!

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If the rider was not racing ama sanctioned races during his local season, he can still ride C at Loretta's since there is really no documentation of him riding B locally. This is not new, people will do this until the end of time.

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I see a lot of KTMs with dirt causing issues. Amazing how many people don't install the air filter properly. PawPaw is on the money.

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Ok, I will test the new tech 10 for Vital. Send them to me....

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I started riding on a tri zinger when I was two. I rode three wheelers until I was about ten. I still have one sitting in the shop. I would give racing a shot on one, I feel like I could hold my own. It is a blast to hang off the side and slide around ... more »

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I like the engine stand. I built one similar to the Nihilo stands, I may build one like that

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Davalos collecting Social Security is the funniest thing I have seen all day

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Just added them to my cart, but they are out of bar clamps. Will other bar clamps work?

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Yes, I have won local races and won a series once in 16-24 class. But the fastest I ever competed was B class. I definitely never progressed close to A status and now I am too old to get faster. I do still learn when I ride, usually how to be smoother. ... more »

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Clear spray paint

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Kerosene works good. I would brake clean and use air to dry after. Then oil it good.

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Plenty of 30 rounders at my compound. I really like my extended tube on my shotgun that holds 9 rounds of your favorite flavor. It looks funny when the tube is longer than the barrel though.

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It will be fine, if it is free get it.

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Nothing but top notch support from RMATVMC. I have spent about 15k with them over the last 3 years, they are always my first choice. I do miss the old rewards system, I would hit gold status by May and that added up the rewards quick.

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Wow, what goes on at the PC shop?

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Maxima is good. Golden Spectro is what I currently run. If budget is a concern, a lot of people have good luck with automatic transmission fluid. $10 for two quarts. Plus you can also run it in your KX trans so you can have one oil for multiple purposes. ... more »

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I read about surgeries like that. You need some serious trust in your surgical team. One wrong move affects the rest of your life. Talk about a stressful day at work....