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After many hours and some $ tuning my CR for woods, I finally said forget it and got a YZ. The power of the YZ is hands down better. I wish I had just started with a YZ to begin with.

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I had a pretty sweet SX track at my old place. Just get ready for some serious time on maintenance. Fixing jumps after rain and keeping it mowed where time consuming.

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It is a straight forward swap, I know a couple of guys who have done it. I raced quads years ago, I never had an issue going back and forth. I think it is more mental, a friend of mine was running a thumb throttle for a while on his bike and finally ... more »

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I have two Honda wheels, one front and one rear. The front is a black G Force Richter with black hub and heavy duty spokes. Decent shape $100 plus shipping. The Rear is a stock 19" from a 2010 450. It is in great shape. $150 plus shipping. The swingarm ... more »

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I would recommend setting a little better example for a role model then Ron. Not exactly the type of citizen I want my kids to grow up to be.

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When someone's alter ego starts causing issues in an industry, and/or the person starts believing they can live the life of their alter ego, it is time to step back and look hard at things. I know "Ronnie" has helped Jimmy in the wallet, but maybe someone ... more »

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Do you have any riding buddies that work on their own bikes? They could walk you through it. I have taught several people how to do it.

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I think Reed could do well on either bike, he needs to go to the team where he can be the happiest and build his confidence. The new Honda sounds like it is pretty good from the shootout, and I think Reed can get the front end feel he likes on the Suzuki. ... more »

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Interested in cylinder, radiators, stock pipe and v force 3. Prices of those things please, shipped to 42071

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Hub's, CDI and tank price please

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I have been thinking about trying a Kenda just because of the price

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I don't disagree. I do think he has mentally defeated a lot of the top guys he fought. Khabib seems extremely mentally strong and I believe he is a true warrior. Connor had his hands full with Diaz, Khabib will finish this fight.

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The only way Connor wins is if he lands a big punch. He has no ground game. I say Khabib will take he down and destroy him. And I hope so, Connor has gone from somewhat entertaining to ultra douchebag. MMA is constantly evolving, it is hard to leave ... more »

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If anyone has pulled the OE clutch perch and lever off a new YZ I am looking for one. My bike has an aftermarket currently and I like the OE better.

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I have the 3df and I really like them

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My wife has been using it for high blood pressure with good results. It also helps her sleep.