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I hate to hear that, he did my last crank about 6 months ago.

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Cooksey Crank. He is in Texas. I haven't dealt with anyone who is better than Andrew. He is top notch. I ship him every crank I get, and I am in KY.

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They are great. I am going to have them do the racer build for my YZ, $370 per wheel built with new excel rims and bulldog spokes.

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Loving my 04, I got it for $1,000 and so far put about another $1,000 in it. I am playing with the forks now to see how good I can get them before I go to SSS. I ride mainly woods these days, so the OC forks may work once setup.

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Completely very thin coat on both halves

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I have had that happen a time or two. Tip for hauling engines, sit the oil pan in an old tire, it will keep that from happening

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Do they do anything with the bikes after the race? Auction them?...

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I need to raise my prices........a lot!

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Right now mainly Fly. It has been great gear for me. I also have a set of Klim that I won, it is top notch. I haven't had a set of gear like it before, but it is pricey to buy it. I don't believe you could wear it out, the only thing I see with it is ... more »

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No problem, send me your number and I will text you some

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I love my F2 Carbon

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Bicycle yes, a quad I can for miles but my bike only at speed. I wish I could at slow speeds or had the same skill as on a quad, I can go slow, fast, multiple people on there, turn, it doesn't matter. I should probably practice more on my bike, just ... more »

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Pm sent

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It is a defect and may be dangerous to ride. Send me your address and I will come get the bike.

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I enjoy it, especially since I don't have any social media

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32:1 is too much oil for stock jetting

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I lived in Nashville around 2000 going to school, you can see some interesting things on Dickerson, Trinity lane, Gallatin road area close to downtown. We ran over a homeless guys dog late one night on Dickerson. Felt terrible, but we definitely didnt ... more »