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Possibly the Julien Lieber videos? This particular video doesn't quite fit all the parameters, but there's quite a few videos of this track out there...

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First thing I thought of when I saw this thread was Shady Grove in TX. Multiple quads going backwards on the track made me pack it in. Although, there’s some trail areas in NorCal that are known to be extremely sketchy. Scary stuff like meth heads setting ... more »

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About 15-20 years ago my family was given a ticket for "transporting an unregistered vehicle on public roads". It's the only time I've ever heard of it. It was an old KX60 that hadn't been registered for a while. We brought it to a CA state park and ... more »

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Nice shots! It's fun watching him ride that 500 for sure...

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I'd just wait for an 02+ YZ to pop up in your price range

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People riding backwards on the track takes the cake for me. Seen it happen a couple times at some less organized tracks...

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I've seen tons of your posts over the years. People respect your opinions. If they didn't, there wouldn't be this explosion over the 250 shootout results. No one would care. If you actually came across like that guy described you, I'd guess that it would ... more »

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That was an awesome interview from Stilez, he's got a bright future!

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How do people forget so fast? Wil was riding awesome before he had that nasty crash on his geico 450. He's hardly raced since then due to injuries. Give him some time.

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Sweet video man! Looks fun!

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Yamaha FX1 Freshwater in NorCal, wanting to try some surf. Just got into it last year, I didn't touch my bike for months after buying my first stand up, it's that much fun! Older Kawi stand ups: Anything Yamaha based:

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Ricky, When I was about 12 years old and you were on Hondas, I went to a dealer signing where you were doing autographs. I had a bar pad that I wanted you to sign, but the guy overseeing the signing told me, "No!" You said, "It's cool," and signed the ... more »

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I like this Izzi thread much better!

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Zach, It's awesome that you have an interest in doing off-road races. Would you ever want to try some hard enduro style events like erzberg or romaniacs? Thanks!

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Cool thread! When I was about 12 and RC was on Hondas, my parents brought me to a dealer autograph signing. When it was my turn I asked him to sign a crossbar pad instead of a poster, but the guy standing next to him overseeing the session told me, "No!" ... more »

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Hi Jimmy, From your perspective, when looking through the pro pits at any given national this summer, who has the best team dynamics when it comes to rider/team interaction and overall mesh? Why? Thanks!

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Looks fresh! What are you going to do with the RM? Hit me up if you decide to sell it.