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Have you put many hours on her so far?.

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Nice one, ...Grease!. Maybe check fork oil heights too, and what he said <<<< Pics pics pics

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Please, what did happen to Lenny?.....

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SG12's for years even with Raptor pegs!.

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I had forgotten about them....reminds me how sad things have become.

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I am thinking about going down to have a look, most of the tracks are closed local (Rain) so its something moto related to do. But, i really would like to get the chance to meet Jimmy, he is a great guy & would love a quick chat!. Not sure if this ... more »

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Well, its taken 3 days on and off but i read all the 100 pages....and I feel i know you all by now!, especially 50Dippin, Moto520, Nystrom7 and Lawson34....its been a good read to see how all the different people who have posted up are getting on with ... more »

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He is!.

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First thing I thought of too!.

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Name and shame the scumbag bastard!!!.

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Hi, great read and info. I am looking into either a Herlings replica or a 2020, have to ask tho what do you prefer riding the 2 stroke or the new 450?, and why. Last 450 I had was a 2017 and would just not turn well period, then had a 2018 350 and that

... more »
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Well done Reese keeping track of this. Good on you for that. One thing, is there a picture / mug shot of the asshole who stole the bike?.....I never did see one and followed the whole thing through. Be nice to put a face to the scumbag!.

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Awesome!, I said to my GF when I paused it and read what it said too...."that'll be on Vital". Classic. Wayne rules.

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& no pics of said girl.... for shame!.