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I feel sorry for those island boys, bringing dream traxx out would have cost an absolute arm and a leg.. & that was years ago now, haven't started re couping on that investment. Waiting for a exit off the highway to be approved, then built before ... more »

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Americans mate...

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justin cooper..

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His tweet was a bit of a slap in JGR's face

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1st 4000 words MLS opinion, next 1000 words the other 6-7 guys lol good comparison tho. Suzuki bit of a surprise. Agree with the comment above about which would suit really small and or big guys

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more hilarious you actually believe them lol

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Gah when are these damn shootouts out.. I'm waiting on it

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Real talk.. tusk hubs are shittttt I blew a brand new one out, whole inside turned to mush they did replace it, but I was happy to not use them again

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same thing thats happening to barcia getting engaged after a couple months.. puppy love kills the results that and....... its gone to shit since raining yellow jumped on the band wagon.. james is a write off now coop??? please get off coops wagon before ... more »

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I miss the days of the top guys having there own programs, Chad, RC, JS I feel like everybody in the top 20 is bro's with each other, Alot the top guys train with each other - Where are the rivalries in our sport? I think it creates boring racing, I ... more »

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AC's face looks like its already taken a few left - right - goodnights

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He's been impressive this year a few great rides on a rookie season reminds me or a certain #41 on de groot Kawi in 2001.. aussie grit cant wait for next year

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he needs to go the DW15 route and earn it again..

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sounds like from reading above, they'll take your $50 and sell your top end to make up the short fall lol. and half a day labor for $50.. what country are these people from???

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next thread...

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looking at maybe another 250t for me too, sold my 14 YZ450F now looking at 17 YZ450F for $12,400 (AUD) shits getting so expensive

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will hahn has a boner thinking about 18'

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davalos!!! lol just send it lad