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Thanks for sharing DF313.

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From an Aussie point of view. Years gone by. Peter 'Reggie' Melton Jeff Leisk Now Regan Duffy Luke Clout US David Bailey Josh Hansen Jason Anderson Europe JMB Stefan Everts Seb Tortelli

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Did i hear someone say 'Poetry in Motion'

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Yee-ha, New Promoters and

Lifted and Paste from Motoonline. Motorcycling Australia (MA) has confirmed that the Penrite ProMX Championship will be aired live on television and online through its inaugural season in 2021. The historic arrangement ... more »

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Awesome to watch mate. Good stuff.

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Just came out another surgery on his back and looked totally out of it in a interview on Sunday. It's not the first time he's been out of it on prescription drugs.

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38.3 Celsius Yesterday So cracked 100 Fahrenheit Right now at 12.55 pm .she's 39 and 'm sweating like Michael Jackson at a pre

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What a cutie Dirty. This is my Girl Luna-Tic. An Amstaff reuscue dog, can't believe anyone wanting to part ways with her.
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Now that's a Trophy!
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Ha Ha Touche.

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Amazing Throttle control. That speedway slide/turn would make Greg Hancock

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Love the BTS of the Muc-Off Team. Mongrel Boots is what i wear, best and most comfy work boot around.


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As the old saying goes 'If you want to make 1 Million Dollars out of Motorsport, You better start out with 2 Million dollars.

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Rhyno v LaPaglia in a one off punch in the face match

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Cheers RaceFan.

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Exactly what i came here to

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I think you will find it's a Euro thing. It's what they use to describe there soccer/football uniform, they all call it a kit. Like they have Home kit an Away Kit and a Neutral Kit. For my two cent's worth i don' mind it, but as someone else pointed ... more »

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Great story Rob. You realize Jeffro retired from racing at the end of the 1990 season. I will ask him next time we catch up what he remembers about it. I hope it wasn't this that send him into early retirement from

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