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Mounted a GoPro backwards on my buddies helmet, got some really cool footage, and helps me see my form and technique (which mostly sucks) .

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air forks are the best forks period. If you dont like they its because you dont know how to set them up

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Can't believe nobody mentioned lava in between whoops. Anyways, I love the hip jump they had at A2 last year, as well as the on off before it with 2 line options.

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He introduced me to the term "Learning Lesson"

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Matt did my suspension back in August, came highly recommended and far surpassed my expectations, great guy and excellent work. He left RG3 and was working from his house. His company is called SOS, sick-o-cycles. I have his cell if you need it.

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I am with you, one of the few that really enjoyed the US version of Top Gear, I thought those 3 guys were pretty damn entertaining and had a good dynamic. I dont watch Nascar, but he is just not a good fit for SX.

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Wtf happened to the flaggers tonight? I saw virtually no Yello flags for the Musquin or Jordan Smith crashes, just some people motioning with their hands to the riders. Seriously ridiculous, Marv was just laying there exposed with riders coming at him ... more »

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Thanks for all the hard work you put into this, looks sick. I need to sneak away from Denver for a couple days, will hit you up soon.

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Incorrect...Black rims, gold hubs, and a carbon fiber pipe

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#462, song by my fav band and combo of my bday 6/24.

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Go hit IMI Motorsports in Erie! Perfect track to get comfy on, great prep, good turns, fun jumps if you choose. Plus there are some cool spots to mess around out back. I can't stand the dirt at Jewell, sketchy hardpack., I usually just stick to thunder ... more »

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I'm in Denver, same madness ensuing. My friend just sold his kids 2014 50cc Yamaha atv for $2100. Insanity!

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CR500. .WFO

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Jett will be stoked for his evening strolls, great idea.

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Shit has me in tears..the Trey Canard and ET3 about killed me, but CW has those bedroom eyes, just sayin 😁

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Hot Sauce 🔥
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Ping, just FYi, until last year I had never listened to/watched a podcast. I found WTS on YouTube one day, and haven't missed an episode. I have since tried a couple other unnamed podcasts, barely made it 10 minutes before I shut it off. You and GL do ... more »

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If there's no crowd, there should be at least one track that goes into the stands