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Key word is recommended. Manufacturers have oil contracts for the factory fill, what they stock in dealerships, and what they recommend in the owners manual. Motorex is the good shit, but if you are concerned running a different brand maybe send out ... more »

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+1 sweet looking bike!

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Luck doesn't provide you 3 consecutive 450SX titles. People love to hate on success. And perhaps also because he was clean cut, and not a drama inducing rider. RD would show up to work, put his head down, and do a great job. Who else has won 450SX+MX ... more »

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Dungey won races and titles consistently, over several years and with plenty of competition. Tomac didn't prove anything, he got lucky that everyone was either dealing with injury or not racing. No RV, RD, JS7, or CR22. Anderson was hurt, Baggett dealing ... more »

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LOL! Eli did check out of the race, that's for sure.

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FSgo on my xbox

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Stewart compound. It's not like they are riding. lmao

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Uncle Ron had been sharing dumber and dumber posts as of late, but he redeemed himself with this one. Hahahahaha where is Rick James?

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They came up with the concept so I trust they will do a good job. It's also nice that Red-bull's creative vision isn't hindered by Feld or other ruling body.

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Congrats. Focus on school, but to aid in training a rower and XC mtn biking are great. either that, or chest day, every day. haha.

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Same as every year.... beginning of october.

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lol's the same thing. layoff the maple syrup, eh.

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That go into early Sunday morning. Where do the 4 California races draw from?

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The whole Feld/SX thing is messed up. Attending the race isn't cheap but the riders don't get paid much.... Feld is pocketing all that money after they pay Ralph for 4 hours of shouting and interruptions. Not to mention Feld/fox control all the footage, ... more »

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I believe that. Pro racers are always honest and transparent, why would they hide anything? Last 3 races for tomac spring creek: 2-5 washougal: 2-2 unadilla: 10-5 one off sounds right

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Thought tomac was supposed to go 24-0 this summer? he'll choke like NJ SX

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Lol chad is SUCH an attention whore. Has skills on a dirtbike, otherwise he's a tool. Trash talks his previous bike when on a new brand, immature riding antics, cry baby complaining about any race, or ruling that isn't in his favor. I was a big fan when ... more »

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True true^^ I guess my comment isn't so much towards track prep, but the tracks themselves. I remember that joke of a place in Utah, cool facility, but it was a wide open highway. I look forward to the natural and gnarly layout of Unadilla.