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well if you want do get some really good like a prosumer i would look into maybe some of the Hd cameras nearing 1000 and if you really can send decent money maybe look into the sony VX models

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found a decent price for this used but i need some stats. What do you guys think?

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7/31/2008 4:06 PM

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sorry for the other post had some problems in my brain cause im tarded and a noob ... more »

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having trouble posting my photos. need some help sadly.

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hahaha i dont know if that was me but yes yes monster chicks are looking really fine these days lol thanks alot buddy

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Thanks for the ADD Homey. Was nice chillin, with you in the press area of Dilaa, duckin the rain n lightening and scoping the Moster girls under the awning. Hahahaha. Good luck with the Etown shoot. Holla back Matt.

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no problem dude east coast is where its at man!

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