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This is fucking weak! Last round of the season and championship is on the line and they pull this crap. Unbelievable. These are motocross racers not some pussies playing tiddly winks

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What if this, what if that. What if what if..... Fact is, Mike rode and acted like a dumbass his entire career. He also surrounded himself with more dumbasses. That's just too much dumbassery under one tent to be successful.

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I'm rooting for the kid and hope he does well. I think top 10 is achievable and would be pretty bad ass.

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Hey dumbass, the Deegans don't own the bike. Star Yamaha provides the bikes to their riders. Your hate and jealousy is blatantly obvious.

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Alessi is such a dork

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I see you are in League City. I'm right around the corner. Is your eye doc Bruce Cline? I know him well. Anyway before I got surgery I rode with contacts with no issues. Not sure if that's an option for you.

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Either way, he made an obvious effort to clear Sexton and if you watch in slow mo it looks like he barely missed him.

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The team wont do anything. Vince probably reminds Tony A of his son Mike too much. Get a good start then spend the rest of the race looking over his shoulder bobbing and weaving trying to block all the faster riders trying to get by.

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This is just about the dumbest shit Ive ever seen/read. Arguably the fastest dude on a dirt bike in the world, the defending champ, gets hurt while doing a photoshoot. And I'm a fan of his. WTF this sucks...

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I'll ride and race till I cant anymore. I saw a guy here in the Houston area come pulling in to the track with some old bike on a trailer. Really old guy got out and took forever to get unloaded and gear on. He finally fired that bike up and took off ... more »

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Seems like he's just lost that fire, that mental toughness that's needed to win a championship. It's like there's no fight left in him. He gets punked around on the track and if anything at all isn't right, he can't fight through it. My guess is we see ... more »

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What's the big deal? You ride on the balls of your feet not your heels. Should be fine....

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I think it's a weak move. Pretty much admitting "hey I can't hack it with the big boys so I'll go back down and race with the kids." Friese has always been a tool but now an even bigger one for moving down.

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Looks like he did the jump twice. First time he damn near flat landed and went down. Better than coming up short I guess

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Holy shit he is flying in that video!

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I want one just so I could build a track at my house and ride without pissing off the neighbors. I'd still keep my other bikes though.

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OP, no help on the insurance thing but please post pics of the restored CR. Love that bike.

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That was seriously one of the coolest things I've seen in pro sports. A complete bitch slap to a guy who had been running his mouth saying that he'd beat Stewart if they could both get a good start. Talk about getting into your competitions head.

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You continue to prove what a jackass you are. Now go finish laying those bricks!