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Sorry to the OP for the minor hijack. Since I'm actively looking myself I'll let you know if I come across a 96 at all. If someone has a 97/98 version I'm interested in one myself.

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In 98 I had noleen port my topend, revalve my shock and I bought a pipe and silencer from them. I was going to race motocross and finally had a good paying job as I just finished college and bought a brand new 98 YZ 250 having worked about 2 months.

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I've been on the look out for one for my 98 YZ250 for awhile now to match my Noleen ported motor. Tough to find. Lots of YZ125s and non yamaha ones show up but for some reason the YZ250s are harder to find. The DynoPort big volume pipe is very similar ... more »

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Here is my opinion on picking a twin shocker, I've built 3 out of the 4 brands and raced two of them. Honda 74-77 CRs are old school and can be fun but the 76/77 give it up to the RMs and YZs. The 78-80s are lookers and pretty awesome bikes just be prepared ... more »

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The 94 cylinder was considered the best of that generation of motor. The 98 was pretty good also. The Yamaha team ran 94 cylinders on their 98 race bikes till the 99 motor came out. I have a noleen ported 98 YZ and it rips. I was told when noleen did ... more »

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I might be interested in the spare swingarm if you still have it. I assume it is the proper 09 one and sent you a PM. Thanks,

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Max I only say safety seat because I found myself always sliding up on to the tank to increase the front wheel traction. More comfort for your junk than looks. I considered doing the full 82 tank, seat and side panel conversion if I was going to race

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I raced this bike in our local harescramble series in 2019. Great bike just a pain with our dead engine start starts. Probably road it 12hrs that season and put a fresh .50 over topend on it mid season due to a pulled head stud. Here is the info on the

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Shame you are on the west coast. I'm cleaning up my refreshed YZ 465 to list it shortly.

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Great build and bike! Those mid late 80s CRs were great looking and top of their class.

Not sure I agree with the comment that old bikes require more maintenance, I've raced a 77 RM 125, 79 YZ 400, 81 YZ 465 and a PE 250 in our local vintage harescramble series and once they are dialed in I hardly have to do anything other than normal maintenance that you would do on any bike.

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Only 79 will work. The 80-81 are shorter as they changed the shock placement and angle. As long as the bore is good in the 79 that's the best shock for that chassis. You can buy Fox reservoirs from spend shops for just under $100. If you want the compression ... more »

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You can do a lot to improve the function of the rear shock. I've built a few from stock to heavily modified with modern internals. Here is a 81 I modified with fox remote reservoir and modern piston/valving.

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Yes. You can use a newer style seal head to replace the dated setup in those shocks. The YZ125 rear shock had a spacer in it too that you can toss and get an 1"+ or more of extra travel. The forks also have long rebound springs (Bob Hannah liked having ... more »

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If the 80 YZ125 cylinder is anything like my 81 YZ465 cylinder the 8mm studs can pull out when getting torqued down. The RM and Honda ran 10mm into the cylinder and then reduced the rest of the stud to 8mm to keep them from pulling out. I just ran long ... more »

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Those are the different model years. Suzuki is a pain sometimes as they go by model year letter under the same part year. 89-k, 90-l, 91-m. Etc

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works or platinum?

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It's a seller's market right now. Your probably look at low $2k for it in that condition. I rebuilt one for a buddy and added 94/95 forks which were far better than the 90 forks. A pipe does wonders for that bike too.

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No it won't fit, rmx pipes are different.

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KTM pegs fit with some grinding. Used them on my 79 YZ400 and 81 YZ465,

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You might be able to get it turned around in 2 weeks. I just got a buddies KX65 bottom end rebuild turned around in 8 days, new rod, crank bearings and seals, with new piston and rings. What did you use to degrease the slim off the motor and frame? I ... more »