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I downloaded the mobdro app and watched it on NBCSN. Its a free app.

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What setting on the watch are you using for moto?

Reply to Shock Spring Rubbing Body? 11/9/2020 4:28 PM

I had the same issue on my rm250 after pro action rebuild the suspension and it was a Eibach spring too.

Reply to How many hours are on your bike? 9/22/2020 3:58 PM

Just bought a leftover 2019 rmz 450 earlier this year. I have 3.6 hours on it so far.

Reply to Will yz250 reed gaskets work on a 2006 rm250? 9/12/2020 7:29 AM

I'm pretty sure it will work.

Reply to What exactly does chain lube DO? 9/7/2020 5:31 PM

Thanks...I'll give the maxima a try.

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Do you find the maxima clear chain lube flings off? I use to use bel ray super clean but can't find it anymore. Looking for something that won't make a mess and fling off

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I used it like that for over a year then sold that bike. It never leaked or gave me any issues.

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I had the same thing happened before on a 06 rm 250. I took the drain plug out drilled a hole through the center. Then tapped that hole and put a smaller Allen bolt in with a copper washer. Then I used JB weld to hold the original drain plug in tight ... more »

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I Bought a left over 19. It's my first 4 stroke after riding 2stokes my hole life. I love it. Might be a stupid question but does anyone know what this roll of stuff is for?

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There is the burnt river track that is open 7days a week. It would be around an hour from you. Other then that you have to go to private tracks or practice days for MMRS.

Reply to I'm out of town and bought a KTM350. Looking at a 4x6 trailer with a gate. Will this fit my bike in a pinch?? 11/7/2019 2:48 PM

Yeah it will fit on a angle. My truck bed is 6ft and I get my bike in with the tail gate up this way

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I have a 2017 Frontier crew cab with 6 ft box. I get 3 bikes, gear bag,stands and gas can in the back with the tail gate up. 1 big bike a KX85 and a CRF50 are the bikes.

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Robbie maddison said it was a mistake and he is still with us.

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Yeah I can but have tried it and didn't like the way my bike ran on it.

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Just found a station close to my work that sells 98 for $3.79 a liter or 105 for just over $6/liter. I got some 98 hoping to try it tomorrow night.