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This is why I don't buy used bikes. Even if I have to stretch financially or make sacrifices to buy new. Refuse to deal with this kind of shit.

Added reply in a thread Favorite Intermediate tire...........GO! 2/13/2018 4:24 PM

There isn't a better all around tire than the MX3S. It works really really well on just about any type of track. Sand, mud, hardpack, loamy dirt, clay, you name it. And mine have been respectable in regards to wear. Not bad unless you ride purely hardpack ... more »

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Too tough to predict but I'd love to see it come all the way down to the last round. But really unless Anderson gets injured or has one or two bad races with a dnf or something, I don't see Barcia being able to close the gap. Barcia has shown he has ... more »

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Can't deal with the midget bed and ridiculous cost. Finding a crew cab with a 6ft bed in dealer stock is next to impossible in my area. Good trucks though for the right application.

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So basically MXAs tests and reviews are even more of a joke than I thought

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I picked Fox Instincts cause I figured most companies top offerings should all be very good and the price was best on the Instincts so that's what I picked. They needed zero break in they were comfortable with great feel right from the first time I put ... more »

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Best- Tie between my 2017 Husky tc125 and 2018 yz250f. Both completely different bikes but both awesome. Worst- 1996 KX125. Never even got to ride it. Bought it as a project to trick out. Couldn't go a day without finding something new wrong with it. ... more »

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Isn't the goal of racing in a general sense, to try and be faster than the other guys? Or is it supposed to be ram everybody off the track? I got no problem with it because it's entertaining and keeps things interesting to watch, but it's funny what ... more »

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In both AX and SX the block placement has been terrible and has been ruining a lot of races for a lot of people. Something needs to be changed. Looks like they're always sticking out into the inside lines of corners and they always get hit and always ... more »

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Never understood how people call the Yamaha's "tanks" and things of that sort... Yeah they got wide shrouds, thats about it. I don't even notice it when I'm actually riding the bike it only really stands out when sitting on the bike on a stand but once ... more »

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Yamaha for the power delivery characteristics (very strong bottom that remains strong all the way to the top, most broad power band of any 250f), suspension, stable feeling, reliability, great looks, and the fact that it's a proven performer in the amateur ... more »

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Hurt his knee last week.

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Good riding. The whole opening scenes and the plastic chick was all really corny to me. It was just ok.

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2019 will likely be the same minus all the rockstar graphics, it'll be the plain white/blue/yellow, but otherwise should be the same bike as the current rockstar edition including the plastics. Same thing KTM has been doing for a while now. Sucks for ... more »

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Why waste extra money on a 4 stroke that requires you to ride it like a 2 stroke.... Just buy a 2 stroke at that point. Thats kind of the bottom line for me. I don't care if it's just a 250 if Im gona ride a 4 stroke I expect it to have at least some ... more »

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Blue Buffalo the dog food?

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Theres already more than one other thread on this...

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Switching between a 125 and 250f on a race day might be a bit weird for me. I do it often when Im just out riding with buddies but in a more serious environment to jump on my 125 and immediately have to be ready to go at race pace might not work out ... more »

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Track actually looks pretty damn fun for any decently skilled weekend warrior. Still "supercross-ish" without being too dangerous. Only thing that concerns me is I've heard these amateur events are always really poorly organized.

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Yes the KTM/Husky smokers are more updated and modern but a YZ250 is still a great bike too. The pros and cons of 2 vs 4 have been beat to death over and over. All the information is out there. You just need to make a decision for yourself.