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There are a few items that seem to plague the 02-14 YZ125/250 two strokes. In particular the shifter detent bearing. Yamaha lists it as the stopper lever assembly. Part # 5CU-18140-01-00 This is the bearing that sits behind the clutch and pushes in and ... more »

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Scott Summers used to mop up the GNCC's on a 300lb air cooled XR600 against all the factory two stroke 250's. Its the rider, not the bike at that level. In the woods a lightweight and nimble little two stroke doesnt give up much against the fat pig 450's. ... more »

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Hardly. Yamaha is doing what no other Japanese manufacturer is doing, putting money back into the off road market. I think this is a great move by yamaha. Bike looks like legit, 6 speed, 18" rear wheel, and electric start? If it was orange people would ... more »

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He never had organ failure? So all the IV fluids and being hospitalized was a dog and pony show? What else are you looking for in that story? Being able to ride and practice does not equal being able to race two 35 minute moto's under race conditions. ... more »

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What is mysterious about life threatening liver and kidney failure? That is in no way any fault of Malcolms. He is lucky he caught it and didn't die. He also had mixed ... more »

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I think we are seeing a reemergence of the old USA vs europeans from the 60's/70's only being played in reverse. They dominated motocross for decades. Americans couldn't ride period. We figured it out, adapted, and changed the sport. The europeans have ... more »

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Catalina is a logistical nightmare wrapped in a terrifying conglomerate known as the catalina island company. Went there and raced the catalina GP in 2010. Biggest money maker the island has seen in a decade. Yet the race hasn't returned because of the ... more »

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Just a few thoughts as I was coming up during the 90's and saw the evolution of the sport. McGrath changed our sport in a way that ricky johnson, hannah, bailey, ward, decoster, etc, could never do. McGrath was the Michael Jordan of our sport, of our ... more »

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You've never sprained an ankle before have you? Maybe a tweak, maybe a bruise, but obviously not a sprain. That or my sarcasm detector is completely broken. Along with a host of other injuries, I'm still not fully recovered from an ankle sprain from ... more »

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Larry 'big bird' Ward wore the number 6 nicely. He also made the number 4 and 7 look pretty good on a suzuki before Carmichael and Stewart.
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Yes those are the flexbars everyone is talking about. Make sure IF you order a pair you stipulate 12 degree bend. The enduro bend (10 degree) is just too straight. The 12 degree is what nearly everyone runs. My theory on the ODI grips is that the grip ... more »

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Riding position dictates how your body has to hold on to the bike. Move up on the seat, weight forward, less stress on the hands and arms. Squeeze with your legs more and you wont be holding on so tight. I own a pair of 12 degree flex bars. Best investment ... more »

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Doug Henry by far. The embodiment of the motocross spirit. Tough, dedicated, personable, nice to fans and industry people, always smiling, never quit. Im amazed a full length documentary hasnt been done on this living legend yet. Broke his ... more »
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Complete and total idiot. In 1995 we had motoworld on ESPN and ESPN2. Art Eckman and David Bailey doing commentary? That lasted for over a decade and some of the absolute best coverage, commentary, and reporting in the history of organized sport occurred ... more »

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mx sports, ama, lucas oil, the sponsors, whatever. Guess what? outdoor coverage this year sucks. Don't care who you are or what you have to say, our TV coverage this year sucks. Its terrible, its horrible, and its a joke. This is professional motocross ... more »

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Personally I believe that the coverage we do get now is better than ever. With that being said I remember the days of the next day tape delay on motoworld on espn2 with David Bailey and Art Eckman (the best duo ever). Where we were at that point to where ... more »

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They will never get $4900 for that. $2500 would be fairly reasonable, but you couldn't just add gas and oil and go ride it. Bike been sitting that long needs a little work before you can go ride, but that is a hell of a deal. I'd honestly say its better ... more »

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It's not BLM, it was morongo basin emergency medical services. They are aware of this and have already been in contact with D37 and NHHA leadership about it. I raced this race a week and a half ago, and that sand wash was 5th (or 6th) gear pinned for ... more »

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This is why I normally try not to get involved with vitards. However, I'm game! 1 2 Ryan Villopoto 338 25 22 25 18 22 20 14 25 25 25 12 22 20 18 25 20 2 22 Chad Reed 334 16 18 14 22 20 15 25 20 22 20 22 22 13 18 20 22 25 3 1 Ryan Dungey 328 22 16 20 ... more »

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Never assume anything, because it just makes an ASS out of U and ME.

I will agree that yes lets stick to the facts, what I stated is a fact, numerically speaking. (ya know points) Had Dungey's chain not snapped, and had he not ran out of fuel ... more »