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I drank the koolaid. I paid the $50. I tried to watch hangtown on my mobile last week off wifi and my celluar connection and wasn't very impressed, to say the least. I did at least get to see some of the moto's which was better than nothing. A lot of ... more »

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Interesting to see so much hate on the YZ450. even though it has won a lot of shootouts in the last few years. Grant Langston won a title and races on one. (albet before the frame/engine change) Josh Hill in 09-10 was killer and nearly won a few times ... more »

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My wife has been an ER RN trauma nurse for years, and is currently getting her masters, and on her way to becoming a physicians assistant. With that said, we have discussed Ken's injury in great detail, and Ive been lucky enough to have a couple conversations ... more »

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outdoors are definitely in trouble. crowds keep getting smaller and smaller. there are less racers following the series. yup. Outdoors is just about finished.

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Can't say im really surprised. I, along with others, thought he was done after he broke his neck last year. it is strange looking at him during the live announcement right now. Ryan's facial expressions do not look like a man who is happy to retire. ... more »

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They need to start circulating through different cities each year. Keep the main stay venues, and then explore different venues each year to help circulate the sport and reach new audiences. Id like to see this: anahiem los angeles (at the coliseum) ... more »

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Back in the mid to late 90's team green off road put serious time and money into making the KLX300R a capable off road machine. These were raced off and on by Larry Roseler, Ty Davis, and Kelly Yancey.

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Zach rides for Ox motorsports as stated above. Been racing CR450R's in the big 6 series and has been killing it! Immediately mixed it up with the top off road guys and has won twice and finished on the podium consistently. He's leading the points right ... more »

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want the tank and seat together. best way to get a hold of you privately?

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This is quite possibly one of the finest examples of a vitard making a post I have ever seen.

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my 05 YZ125 is as follows: FMF factory fatty FMF titanium 2 shorty V-Force 3 reed valve stock OEM internals Boost port mod to cylinder head stock needle (F6-00) 440 main jet 45 pilot jet clip in the middle Sudco slide 1.5 turns out on the air screw VP ... more »

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Just here to point out the hilarious irony of the post and signature. SMH

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Glen Helen. This isn't even a discussion. If you have never been to Glen Helen you cannot possibly fathom or appreciate the hills. If you're lucky enough to have raced Glen Helen, coming down and jumping off Mt. St. Helens into the chop and trying to ... more »

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I think its safe to say that Feld and Dirt wurx have a lot to learn. I also think now is a better time than ever for the riders as a whole to come forward and voice their opinions, especially as their safety, careers, and health are at jeopardy. Its ... more »

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I just have to shake my head. More rounds? Seventeen supercross rounds is enough! The twelve outdoor rounds are enough. Thats 29 professional races, over half the year. A lot of these teams are struggling just to keep the doors open, and feld wants to ... more »

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Sad, senseless, inhuman, and stupid. I feel awful for the son and his family having to live the rest of their life without their father over a stupid dirt bike! As for the criminals, give them both a fair and speedy trial, and send them straight to the ... more »

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have you ever done any dyno runs with the 2006 head vs the newer heads? Did you also double gasket the vforce 3 reed block? Ive heard of them leaking air and causing bikes to run lean and seize.

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img][/img] 2013 here. Where do I start? I absolutely love this bike. I race desert and GP's. Do the occasional REM and SRA GP. it was said in this thread the steel frames handle better. I disagree. ... more »

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James Stewart is out per Mike Webb.

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Before all the keyboard warriors go apesh!t and throw temper tantrums and smear sh!t on their monitors, hear (read) me out. Without sounding like a cranky old man, what happened to supercross? Is it still an exciting sport? YES, 100% positive yes. However ... more »

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