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Carrie Bolling is what all the rockstar and monster girls wish they could be. Just perfect. Nicole Cesa is cute, and they make the best pair in the history of history but Carrie is 04 Bubba Stewart next level.

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I found the holeshot news from GH released may 17th like you said. No pro's only on the schedule for today. Bummer that anyone got hurt at all, JA included. For years Ive gone to GF after work on thursday, or milestone on wednesdays and would ride in ... more »

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ML, correct me if I'm wrong but after the Dean Wilson incident Glen Helen issued a press release stating that from 12-2 the main track would be pro's only. Did this incident with JA happen before the pro's only session?

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Did the national hare and hound in Kilgary just outside lubbock back in march. Was pretty epic and a good mix of a lot of fun stuff. All enduro/woods/off road stuff though, no moto. West texas in general is just cotton and oil fields for miles. So much ... more »

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Here's a pic of my fork height for reference. If the rear end feels a little squirrely back the high speed out of the shock all the way (counterclockwise) until ti stops, then go back in 1/4 clockwise and ride it. Helps with the stability and ... more »
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set your sag at 102mm, move your forks up in the clamps to 3/4 from top of the fork tube to the top of the upper triple clamp. My YZ250 turns and handles better than any KTM I've ever been on. doesnt turn like my '95 CR250 or a RM250, but it's surprisingly ... more »

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Well my testicles are now empty!

Added reply in a thread How hard should I hold on? 4/24/2018 11:03 AM This video will change everything about how you ride, how you feel about riding, and how a dirt bike is supposed to be ridden. It does not matter if its MX, SX, off road, whatever. Words from a legend I repeat ... more »

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Make that 16- Antelope Valley Raceway in palmdale

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anyone who has hit their 30's and older knows that the old wives tale of 'man strength' is not a joke. There are all sorts of medical science survey's and studies being done that show that physically and mentally men peak in our 30's. Think about, our ... more »

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Change your oil before and after every race. Change your oil after 2 practice rides. 2 stroke/4 stroke/gear oil/ shared engine/tranny oil, doesnt' matter. Oil is cheap insurance against catastrophic failure.

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This. Also check your carb, clean it completely. Make sure the main needle jet is opening and closing and 'seating' correctly. If there is a groove on the rubber needle replace it. Replace both the pilot and main jet, they're cheap. Check the reed's, ... more »

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David and his wife Rhiannon are two of the nicest people you could ever meet. Everyone generally is in the off road community. I have the privilege of knowing a couple of the top factory off road racers and when we go trail riding I am in awe. I am myself ... more »

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Pilon fractures are one of the most difficult to surgically repair and rehab. The damage done to the tibia as well as the connective tissues and ankle makes it a very lengthy rehab. Most people with pilon fractures never fully recover 100%. This isnt ... more »

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This. x 100 I remember on ESPN 2 motoworld David Bailey and Cameron Steele would both actually go INTO THE PITS and conduct interviews with mechanics, team managers, the riders them selves. They would showcase the trick factory parts, give the sponsors ... more »

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On the back of your cylinder (the reed side) there is a letter stamped. A, B, C, D. Type B cylinders are in my opinion the most common on both YZ125's and YZ250's. Ive owned three YZ's, and they all had type B's. RED = A ORANGE = B GREEN = C PURPLE = ... more »

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I sold a '05 YZ125 with extremely low hours a year ago for $1800. I had done a full frame up rebuild. Everything on it was new OEM, and documented well. receipts, photos, crank, bearings, seals, top end, new chain, new sprockets, new tubes, new tires, ... more »

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wish I had seen this thread sooner. I have a complete 92-96 CR250 engine and transmission completely rebuilt with the last known new OEM cases left in north america. I was going to throw it in my '95 but id much rather have thrown it into that beautiful ... more »

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You're f*cking idiot. Stop using HJC helmets and get tested for CTE. either that or accept that your room temperature IQ limits you to 3rd grade reading comprehension. I said I used wifi and cellular, aka switching different forms of service to eliminate ... more »