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This is funny^^^^in a literal term

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Oh, well please help me understand? What experiences have you had with the Suzuki? Please explain your logic? Because from what I can read there is non. Your saying the bike is heavy? Where is the weight at and at what point did you start to see it becoming ... more »

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Really buddy, and all of the information your blasting comes from where? Clearly this isnt from your own experiences!!! Ita insanity that so many people hop on the the Suzuki is heavy and old wagon!!! Good thing you arent pro, cause you wouldnt know ... more »

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This is just dumb!!!! You have aboslutely no clue what your are talking about!!!! Seriously man. You havent the slightest clue what it takes to tool up a new bike even with minor updates the tooling costs are in the millions. Suzuki had been at the forefront ... more »

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Its about a 15-20 pound disadvantage and not because hes fat. Hes just a bigger and taller rider.

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Might want to recheck your facts on those stats your preaching...neither of which are correct!

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Not too sure why everyone is thinking Bt20 was just sitting around doing nothing. His conditioning is second to non and getting back into race shape is pretty easy to do when you carry and heartrate of 70bpm at peak excursion, im sure it will spike a ... more »

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Nobody was is wrong with you people!!! This motorcycle racing!!!!!

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Hm? Im pretty sure he has already won this year!!!! I bet you are a bit of a follower arent you...because nothing valid came out of your post!!

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You guys are a bunch of cry babies....I dont like Barcia at all but he did nothing wrong. This is motorcycle racing. Last time I checked he gets paid to win. Not to roll around the track letting anyone roll right bye. He rode great and kept Roczen behind ... more »

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A-mart has no weight to him he is also really short...doesnt matter what bike he's riding. They all look big while he's racing.

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The global marketing manager or chief marketing manager per company will have full control of all colorways and design that go to each team on a week to week basis. Reps are nothing more than a filter/delivery boy. Reps gave zero control!!

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I kinda feel for the guy, but he set the tone and with media today. This wont go away anytime soon. He will have to suck it up.

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Pretty sure he broke out last year claiming a supercross 450 title...he could quit tomorrow and no one can take that away from him.

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Im not even a Craig fan, but this dude DF is a d-bag. I like aggressive racing but that was taking it too far!! WHAT A PUNK!! I hope Craig is good for next week...

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This shit is great, lmfao

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Say no "say no to bad posts"

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You cleary dont understand morning... Moto is much easier to do than the kind if shit he does!!! I work inside the industries and im exposed to both as I love all forms of 2 wheels and I'll tell you now. Sx to me is a walk in the park over the kinda ... more »

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Truth is I believe people are bored of whats going on with our sport. Ask yourself why there is no money, no promotion, no growth? While I dont agree with cutting any classes. I do believe a huge change needs to be made. A1 and a couple of other races ... more »