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This is 110% wrong. The Zook deal was better from A-Z. Clearly you have no info at any level

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Yup another tech 10 guy here and 245 were junk after about 4 weeks on my enduro. Comfortable boot but shit quality.....guess you gotta be a sponsored racer to ride in nice boots..... Sad really~

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He likes the Suzuki..... So dont be surprised to see him on a Zook for 2021

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The 2020 rmz250f is a very good bike and performs far better than most peoples opinions state. My son has the new zook and he feels it is much better than the 2018 ktm250 he came off of. I'll say this, his lap times at fox raceway was about 2 seconds ... more »

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Wth does E start have to do woth anything?

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Wht is that a joke? Dont you think dealerships need to make money? You cant buy the bike factory why do so many of you complain when the dealer with huge overhead has to charge you for PDI'S GET OVER IT AND SUPPORT YOU LOCAL DEALERSHIPS

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You realize that these bikes dont have much gap in power deliveries correct? Its the rider not the bike!!!!

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Ferrandis is an ASS Bottom line when he steps to the big bike, he like Barcia will learn the hard way the that you cant be an ASS on the track

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I'll give you 40 shipped Lmk Thx

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No offense man but 15% off is not considered a sponsorship.

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Dude seriously? Please explain what is old on the 2019/20 rmz450 to years prior? What is it the fact it doesnt have e-start?

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Please tell me what a different bike will do for any of these riders on the jgr squad? There are plenty of privateers making the main week to week...on a Suzuki. Sure seems to me the bike is fine. Name me a healthy rider last seen on a jgr bike? Are ... more »

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Hm? It amazes me the amount of people who consider the rmz junk!!! Im not gonna even ask if you have ridden the bike cause clearly you havent and the decision to call any dirbike junk is beyond words to me.

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You see gasgas as a better option than Suzuki? Hm? Questionable Also keep in mind how many championships that old Suzuki has is not the bike!

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Dude, are you seriously comparing riding a dirt bike to hunting without a license?

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He cant run with the top guys but has won multiple Ama supercross events and lets see has won an Ama title and is getting paid riding a dirt bike for a living!! ~yeah he cant keep up....

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I'm japanese and find that sort of remark distasteful.

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Sorry bro but for the sake of integrity I would give him a full refund. Plus or minus a couple hundred dollars for the headache

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Nope it's called california is a horrible place to own and operate a business. Especially in Irvine. The cost of rent on the lease for these buildings are craziness. The overhead to run the size of business model they have is whats killing them. The ... more »

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Lmfao...Georgie this is funny right der!!!